The Crüxshadows

The Cr├╝xshadows is an Dark Electro group from Florida. Their sound is made up of a combination of male vocals, electric violin, guitar, and synth. Centered around vocalist and songwriter Rogue, The Cr├╝xshadows blend 1980s inspired synthpop and modern rock with introspective lyrics. The band has enjoyed global popularity, releasing CDs worldwide and touring extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. For much of the band's career, they have been available through Dancing Ferret Discs, an independent label based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2009 the band formed partnerships with several labels and distributors that allowed them to create their own imprint, Wishfire Records. Lyrically much of The Cr├╝xshadows' music draws its influence and subject matter from mythology, religion, history, and dreams. Often referred to with the acronym CXS, their motto is Live Love Be Believe.

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