The Go Set

The Go Set are a five-piece punk rock band which formed in 2002 and is built around founding member and songwriter Justin Keenan. They cite influences such as The Pogues, Weddings Parties Anything, The Clash, and Radio Birdman as the most influential groups in their music, and have a particularly Australian social and political emphasis within their lyrics. They have supported such bands as The Living End, The White Stripes, The Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly, Pulley, Reel Big Fish, Wolfmother and The Stranglers. A punk ethos runs through the band. Australian music magazine Blunt claimed The Go Set could be likened to imagining "the political sentiment and social conscience of Billy Bragg or early Midnight Oil whilst drinking copious amounts and jamming with The Pogues and AC/DC, in a sweaty pub gig on a Friday night".[citation needed] The first album "Sing a Song of Revolution" combines many folk and traditional influences, such as bagpipes and mandolin, with early 1970s punk rock. The second album "The Hungry Mile" maintains many of the folk elements and working-class sentiment of the previous album, but displayed in a much vivid format. Their third album "A Journey for a Nation" was released in May 2007 and stayed true to their origins while also developing a more mature sound. "The Rising Tide" from "A Journey for a Nation" is an example of the band's commitment to social issues.

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