The Phenomenauts

The Phenomenauts are a San Francisco Bay Area band that combine elements of rock and roll, pop, punk, New Wave, Surf Rock and rockabilly along with a futuristic science fiction theme, dubbing their style "Rocket Roll". The Phenomenauts were formed in 2000 in Oakland, California (which the band refers to as Earth's capital) from the band Space Patrol, a 1980s cover band which played on homemade instruments. Two years later they released their first CD, Rockets And Robots on their own Arlington Lab Records. That year critical success came in the form of being chosen as California's Best Live Band by the East Bay Express and by being called the Best Lifestyle Music artist by the SF Weekly. The band signed with Springman Records in 2002, and gained notoriety in 2003 for unofficially sneaking onto Warped Tour, from which they were officially invited to play again in 2004 and 2005. The band declined the 2005 offer, opting to instead tour with The Aquabats and the Epoxies. The Phenomenauts are known for their inventive and fun-filled live shows, which often include smoke machines, the Streamerator 2000, and various on stage theatrics. In 2008, vocalist/guitarist Corporal JoeBot 2.0 left the band, and was replaced by FM Static from the recently-broken-up Epoxies. In early 2009, Captain Chreehos and FM Static left the band, and were replaced by Deck Chief Nick Wayzar and Leftenant AR-7, respectively. In October 2011, Deck Chief Nick Wayzar left the band and was replaced by Barth Q. Applestar.

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