The Truth

The Truth was a British rock band, who existed from the early 1980s to 1989. The group was formed by Dennis Greaves, formerly of Nine Below Zero, and Mick Lister in the early 1980s. They went through several line-up changes, but Greaves and Lister remained members throughout the group's run. They released several singles before their first album, Playground, was issued in 1985. The 1987 release Weapons of Love marked a stylistic change, and was their most commercially successful in the United States. The title track was a hit single in the US reaching #7 on the rock charts and #65 on the Billboard Hot 100. After 1989's Jump, produced by Roy Thomas Baker, they disbanded. Dennis Greaves has re-formed The Truth, in preparation for a UK tour in 2011, including a date at The 100 club in September 2011. The line-up will be the original 1983 line-up of Dennis Greaves, Mick Lister, Brian Bethell and Chris Skornia, with original drummer Gary Wallis's drum seat, this time being taken by drummer, Kieran McAleer

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