Threatmantics are a band from Cardiff, Wales. The band's current members are Heddwyn Davies (Vocals, Viola), Andrew Lewis (Guitar), Gareth Middleton (Bass) & Huw Alun Davies (Drums). Their first album Upbeat Love was recorded whilst the band was still a 3 piece (Heddwyn, Ceri & Huw) and was released by Domino Records' subsidiary label Double Six Records on 3 November 2008. Line-up Changes Heddwyn, Huw & Luke (2005) Heddwyn, Huw & Franic (2005Ô[][]2006) Heddwyn, Huw & Ceri (2006Ô[][]2009) Heddwyn, Huw & Mark (2009) Heddwyn, Huw, Andrew & Taliesyn (2009Ô[][]2010) Heddwyn, Andrew, Taliesyn, Gareth & Dan (2010) Heddwyn, Andrew, Taliesyn, Gareth & Huw (2010) Heddwyn, Andrew, Gareth & Huw (2010Ô[][]Present)