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Tribal Tech is a progressive fusion band, originally formed in 1984 by guitarist Scott Henderson and bass player Gary Willis. From 1993 forward the band included Scott Kinsey on keyboard and Kirk Covington on drums, and has produced nine albums that stretch the borders between blues, jazz, and rock. The band dissolved following the release of 2000's Rocket Science, with the various members pursuing solo careers. In September, 2009 Scott Kinsey announced on a Facebook group devoted to Tribal Tech that the band was reforming to record an album in May, 2010 for the Tone Center/Shrapnel label. In a March 2011 interview with, Henderson confirmed that he and Willis have already laid down some thirty jams that are to be the basis of a forthcoming Tribal Tech album.

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Pete Hughes

The greatest jazz-rock band of the post-Weather Report era. By turns supremely lyrical, rocking out a la post-blues-rock/metal fusion or exploring other-worldly Zawinulesque 'spacey-ethnic' vibes (the latter courtesy of the indisputable successor to JZ - Scott Kinsey). All 10 TT albums feature classic material, but the 2012 release, 'X', redefines 'jam band' and 'musical telepathy' (along with dispelling the separation of 'improvisation' and 'composition') in the miraculous poetic transformations that make up the episodes of 10 group improvisations.

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