Wolfbrigade (formerly Wolfpack) are a Swedish D-beat crust punk band, formed in 1995. Their line-up has included members of Asta Kask, To What End?, Today''s Overdose, Cosa Nostra, Anti Cimex, Obscure Infinity and Harlequin. Their music was a groundbreaking mix of Swedish hardcore punk and death metal that paved the way for bands such as Tragedy.[citation needed] Singer Jonsson was forced to leave the band in 1998, and they recruited singer Micke. At around the same time, they changed their name from Wolfpack to Wolfbrigade, to avoid association with a Swedish neo-Nazi prison gang who shared that name. In 2002, drummer Frank left and was replaced by Dadde. The band split up in 2004 because of lack of motivation and Micke needing surgery for vocal chord problems. Four of the members started a new group, Today''s Overdose. On January 7, 2007, Wolfbrigade announced on their Myspace profile that they were reuniting. They have a new bass player, Johan, who also plays in Today''s Overdose. The band released a comeback album, Prey To The World, in June 2007. In 2008, the group did yet another album "Comalive", urguably the best since the early Wolfpack days. In 2011, the band decided to go on a one-year hiatus when it comes to playing live gigs, but claim that they are in no way split up.

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