Wooden Wand

Wooden Wand is one moniker of singer-songwriter James Jackson Toth, who has recorded under his given name as well as the name WAND. Having over 100 releases from proper albums to handmade CDRs to limited-edition vinyl, Toth is by all accounts an astoundingly prolific artist. The style of music recorded by Toth and his many incarnations has drawn on a variety of both conventional and experimental folk and rock influences, including psych folk, acid folk, freak-folk, free folk, and indie. Though he was significant player in the New Weird America trend of the early- to mid-2000s (decade) along with Devendra Banhart, Akron/Family, Joanna Newsom, and collaborators The Vanishing Voice, Toth has been difficult to pigeonhole in one genre; recent releases have been identified as acid-folk, free-jazz, outlaw country, and country-tinged rock. Wooden Wand's collaborations have been nearly as wandering and nomadic as Toth himself, a New York native who attended Purchase College before relocating to Knoxville, TN; Murfreesboro, TN and most recently, Lexington, KY. He has recorded with the Vanishing Voice (who went on to form Woods and Jex Thoth), the Sky High Band, the Omen Bones Band, and the Briarwood Virgins (a Birmingham, AL supergroup featuring members of the Gum Creek Killers, Through the Sparks, Plate Six, and the now-defunct Verbena). Toth has appeared on such labels as Kill Rock Stars, Ecstatic Peace!, Rykodisc, and Young God. In November 2011, Fire Records in the UK will release Wooden Wand's latest record Briarwood, which was initially fan-funded through Kickstarter and recorded in Birmingham, AL in April 2011.

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