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  1. B-Movie


  2. B. Dolan

    B. Dolan

    B. Dolan (born 1981) is an American rapper, activist, and performance artist, based in Hanton City, Rhode Island. As an activist, Dolan is known primarily as the co-creator and co-founde...

  3. B.Traits


  4. Baaba Maal

    Baaba Maal

    Baaba Maal (born November 12, 1953) is a Senegalese singer and guitarist born in Podor, on the Senegal River. In addition to acoustic guitar, he also plays percussion. He has released sev...

  5. Baba Naga

    Baba Naga

  6. Babe


  7. Babe Punch

    Babe Punch

  8. BabeHeaven


  9. Baby Dee

    Baby Dee

    Baby Dee (born 1953) is an American performance artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio.

  10. Baby Strange

    Baby Strange

  11. Bacchus


  12. Back N Black

    Back N Black

  13. Back to the Planet

    Back to the Planet

    Back To The Planet are an anarcho-punk band from London, England.

  14. BackBeat SoundSystem

    BackBeat SoundSystem

  15. Backtrack


  16. Bad Breeding

    Bad Breeding

  17. Bad Manners

    Bad Manners

    Bad Manners are an English 2 Tone ska band. They quickly became the novelty favourites of the UK pop scene through their bald outsized frontman's on-stage antics, earning early exposure t...

  18. The Bad Plus

    The Bad Plus

    The Bad Plus are a jazz trio from the United States, consisting of pianist Ethan Iverson, bassist Reid Anderson, and drummer Dave King, originating from Minneapolis, MN.

  19. Bad Religion

    Bad Religion

    Bad Religion is a punk rock band that formed in Los Angeles in 1979. Their current line-up consists of Greg Graffin (vocals), Brett Gurewitz (guitar), Jay Bentley (bass), Greg Hetson (gui...

  20. Bad Sign

    Bad Sign

  21. Bad Touch

    Bad Touch

  22. Badly Drawn Boy

    Badly Drawn Boy

    Damon Gough (stage name Badly Drawn Boy) is an English alternative music singer/songwriter. He was born on 2 October 1969, in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. He grew up in the Breightmet area of...

  23. Bagarre


  24. The Baghdaddies

    The Baghdaddies

  25. Baio


  26. Ballsdeep


  27. Baloji


  28. Bambooman


  29. Band of Horses

    Band of Horses

    Band of Horses, originally briefly known as Horses, are an American rock band formed in 2004 in Seattle by Ben Bridwell. They have released three studio albums, the most recent and most s...

  30. Band of Skulls

    Band of Skulls

    Band of Skulls is an alternative rock band from Southampton, England, consisting of Russell Marsden (guitar, vocals), Emma Richardson (bass, vocals), and Matt Hayward (drums). The group f...

  31. Banff


  32. Banfi


  33. Banners


  34. The Banyans

    The Banyans

  35. Bar Stool Preachers

    Bar Stool Preachers

  36. Barclay James Harvest

    Barclay James Harvest

    Barclay James Harvest are an English progressive rock band. They were founded in Saddleworth, Yorkshire, in September 1966 by John Lees, Les Holroyd, Stuart "Woolly" Wolstenholme (1947Ô[]...

  37. Barcode Zebra

    Barcode Zebra

  38. Bardo Pond

    Bardo Pond

    Bardo Pond are an American psychedelic rock band formed in 1991, and who are currently signed to London based label Fire Records. The current members are Michael Gibbons (guitar), John Gi...

  39. Bare Knuckle Parade

    Bare Knuckle Parade

  40. Barely Legal

    Barely Legal

  41. Barenaked Ladies

    Barenaked Ladies

    Barenaked Ladies (often abbreviated BNL or occasionally BnL) is a Canadian alternative rock band. The band is currently composed of Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, and Tyler Stew...

  42. Barna Howard

    Barna Howard

  43. Barns Courtney

    Barns Courtney

  44. Barrie Masters

    Barrie Masters

  45. Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols) DJ Set

    Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols) DJ Set

  46. Barry Castagnola

    Barry Castagnola

  47. Barry Hyde

    Barry Hyde

  48. Barry Manilow

    Barry Manilow

    Barry Manilow (born June 17, 1943) is an American singer-songwriter and producer. He is best known for such recordings as "Could It Be Magic", "Mandy", "Can't Smile Without You", and "Cop...

  49. Barry Wickens

    Barry Wickens

  50. Bars and Melody

    Bars and Melody

  51. Barstow Bats

    Barstow Bats

  52. Basement


  53. Basement Jaxx

    Basement Jaxx

    Basement Jaxx are a British electronic dance music duo from London, England consisting of Felix Buxton born 1971 and Simon Ratcliffe born 1 December 1969. They first rose to popularity in...

  54. Basement Torture Killings

    Basement Torture Killings

  55. Basement83


  56. Basia Bulat

    Basia Bulat

    Basia Bulat, is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter. She is known for performing with an autoharp.

  57. Bassboy


  58. Basshunter


    Jonas Erik Altberg (born 22 December 1984 in Halmstad, Sweden), better known by his stage name Basshunter, is a Swedish singer-songwriter, record producer and DJ. He is best known for his...

  59. Bassjackers


  60. Bastille


  61. Bastille


    Bastille is an English band from London. First formed in 2010, Bastille began as a solo project by singer-songwriter Dan Smith, who later decided to form a band. The four-piece consists o...

  62. Bat for Lashes

    Bat for Lashes

    Natasha Khan (born 25 October 1979), also known by her stage name Bat for Lashes, is an English musician. She sings and plays the piano, bass, guitar, harpsichord and the autoharp. Kha...

  63. bathymetry


  64. Battles


    Battles is an American experimental rock group, founded in 2002 in New York City by Ian Williams (formerly of Don Caballero and Storm & Stress). The current line-up is guitarist/ keyboard...

  65. Bayonet


  66. The Bayonettes

    The Bayonettes

  67. Bayonne


  68. BB Diamond

    BB Diamond

  69. BB Diamond

    BB Diamond

  70. BBC R4's The Infinite Monkey Cage

    BBC R4's The Infinite Monkey Cage

  71. BC Camplight

    BC Camplight

  72. Be Charlotte

    Be Charlotte

  73. Be Quiet. Shout Loud!

    Be Quiet. Shout Loud!

  74. Beach Baby

    Beach Baby

  75. Beach Fatigue

    Beach Fatigue

  76. Beach House

    Beach House

    Beach House is a dream pop duo formed in 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, consisting of French-born Victoria Legrand and Baltimore native Alex Scally. Their self-titled debut, Beach House, re...

  77. Beach Slang

    Beach Slang

  78. BEAK>


  79. Beans on Toast

    Beans on Toast

  80. Beans On Toast

    Beans On Toast

  81. Bear's Den

    Bear's Den

  82. BEARCUBS (dj set)

    BEARCUBS (dj set)

  83. Beardyman


    Darren Foreman (born 14 May 1982), better known as Beardyman, is a musician from London renowned for his beatboxing skills and use of live looping technology, and according to the BBC "Ki...

  84. Beartooth


  85. The Beat

    The Beat

    The Beat (known in North America as The English Beat) are a 2 Tone ska revival band founded in England in 1978. Their songs fuse ska, pop, soul, reggae and punk rock, and their lyrics dea...

  86. Beat Goes Bang

    Beat Goes Bang

  87. The Beatbox Collective

    The Beatbox Collective

  88. Beatenberg


  89. Beatie Wolfe

    Beatie Wolfe

  90. Beaty Heart

    Beaty Heart

  91. Beaumont


  92. Beautiful Bodies

    Beautiful Bodies

  93. Becca Stevens

    Becca Stevens

  94. Beck


    Beck Hansen (born Bek David Campbell, July 8, 1970) is an American musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, known by the stage name Beck. With a pop art collage of musical s...

  95. Becky Hill

    Becky Hill

  96. Beehoover


  97. Beezewax


  98. Behemoth


    Behemoth is a Polish blackened death metal band from Gda┼[]sk, formed in 1991. They are considered to have played an important role in establishing the Polish extreme metal underground, a...

  99. Beholder


  100. Being as an Ocean

    Being as an Ocean

  101. Beirut


    Beirut is an American band which was originally the solo musical project of Santa Fe native Zachary Francis Condon, and later expanded into a band. The band's first performances were in N...

  102. Belgian Quo Band

    Belgian Quo Band

  103. Belinda Carlisle

    Belinda Carlisle

    Belinda Jo Carlisle (born August 17, 1958) is an American singer who gained worldwide fame as the lead vocalist of the Go-Go''s, one of the most successful all-female bands and the first ...

  104. Bella And The Bear

    Bella And The Bear

  105. Bella Hardy

    Bella Hardy

    Arwen Arabella Hardy, known professionally as Bella Hardy, is a contemporary folk musician, singer and songwriter from Edale in Derbyshire. She performed in various line-ups as a teenager...

  106. Belle and Sebastian

    Belle and Sebastian

    Belle and Sebastian are an indie pop band formed in Glasgow in January 1996. Belle and Sebastian are often compared with influential indie bands such as The Smiths, as well as classic act...

  107. Bellevue Days

    Bellevue Days

  108. The BellRays

    The BellRays

    The Bellrays (also capitalized as The BellRays) are an American group that combines garage rock music with soul singing styles. The band consists of Lisa Kekaula (vocals), Bob Vennum (gui...

  109. Belly


    Belly was an alternative rock band formed in 1991 by former Throwing Muses members Tanya Donelly (who was also in The Breeders) and Fred Abong. The band was based in Boston, Massachusetts...

  110. Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers

    Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers

  111. Ben Folds

    Ben Folds

    Benjamin Scott "Ben" Folds (born September 12, 1966) is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and television personality. From 1995-2000, Folds was the frontman and pianist of t...

  112. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

    Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

    Benjamin Chase "Ben" Harper (born October 28, 1969) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Harper plays an eclectic mix of blues, folk, soul, reggae and rock music and is known fo...

  113. Ben Hinchliffe

    Ben Hinchliffe

  114. Ben Hobbs

    Ben Hobbs

  115. Ben Klock

    Ben Klock

  116. Ben Montague

    Ben Montague

  117. Ben Ottewell

    Ben Ottewell

  118. Ben Pearce

    Ben Pearce

  119. Ben Poole

    Ben Poole

  120. Ben Poole

    Ben Poole

    Inspired by the Blues, infused with a hard hitting, "in-yer-face" rock approach and topped-off by virtuoso musicianship, Ben Poole is being talked of as "the" new up-and-coming UK Blues g...

  121. Ben Remember

    Ben Remember

  122. Ben Stevens

    Ben Stevens

  123. Ben UFO

    Ben UFO

  124. Ben Watt

    Ben Watt

    Benjamin Brian Thomas Watt (born 6 December 1962, Barnes, London) is a British musician, DJ, and record producer, best known as one half of the duo, Everything but the Girl.

  125. Benga


    Benga (born Adegbenga Adejumo), is a dubstep music producer from Croydon, South London. He was born in Beni Uthman in East London. He is part of the Tempa and Big Apple Records label. He ...

  126. Benjamin Clementine

    Benjamin Clementine

  127. Benjamin Francis Leftwich

    Benjamin Francis Leftwich

    Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Born 4 September 1989) is an English singer-songwriter from York.

  128. Benji B

    Benji B

    Benjamin Benstead, known as Benji B, is a British DJ and radio presenter. He presents a weekly radio show on BBC Radio 1 in the 2am Ô[][] 4am slot Wednesday nights / Thursday mornings pre...

  129. The Bennies

    The Bennies

  130. Benny Boot

    Benny Boot

  131. Bentley Rhythm Ace

    Bentley Rhythm Ace

    Bentley Rhythm Ace (BRA) are a duo formed in Birmingham, England in 1997, consisting of Mike Stokes and Richard March.

  132. Bermuda


  133. Bermuda




  135. Bernard + Edith

    Bernard + Edith

  136. Bernard Butler

    Bernard Butler

    Bernard Joseph Butler (born 1 May 1970, Stamford Hill, North London) is an English musician and record producer. He first emerged in the early Britpop era with Suede. He has been hailed b...

  137. The Besnard Lakes

    The Besnard Lakes

    The Besnard Lakes are a Canadian indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Formed in 2003 by the husband and wife team of Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas, two of their three albums have b...

  138. Beth Hart

    Beth Hart

    Beth Hart (born January 24, 1972) is an American singer who became famous with the hit "LA Song (Out of This Town)", which aired during Episode 17 of the 10th and final season of Beverly ...

  139. Beth Macari

    Beth Macari

  140. Beth Orton

    Beth Orton

    Beth Orton (born Elizabeth Caroline Orton, 14 December 1970) is a BRIT AwardÔ[][]winning English singer-songwriter, known for her 'folktronica' sound, which mixes elements of folk and ele...

  141. Beth Rowley

    Beth Rowley

    Beth Rowley (born October 1981, Lima, Peru) is an English singer-songwriter.

  142. Bethan Leadley

    Bethan Leadley

  143. Beverley Knight

    Beverley Knight

    Beverley Knight MBE (born 22 March 1973) is a British soul and R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer who released her debut album in 1995. Heavily influenced by soul greats such as ...

  144. Beverly


  145. The Bevis Frond

    The Bevis Frond

    The Bevis Frond is a British musical group whose range covers hard edge to melancholy vintage indie rock to poetic, "classic-rock" songcraft with a thick Walthamstow accent. Nick Saloman ...

  146. Beyoncé


  147. Beyond Recall

    Beyond Recall

  148. Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve

    Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve

  149. Bianca Del Rio

    Bianca Del Rio

  150. The Bible

    The Bible

    The Bible are an English rock band. The band released two critically acclaimed albums in the mid 1980s and are best known for the independent chart hits "Graceland" and "Mahalia". Lead si...

  151. Bicep


  152. Biffy Clyro

    Biffy Clyro

    Biffy Clyro are a Scottish rock band that formed in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire comprising Simon Neil (guitar, lead vocals), James Johnston (bass, vocals) and Ben Johnston (drums, vocals). ...

  153. Big Boy Bloater

    Big Boy Bloater

  154. Big Country

    Big Country

    Big Country are a Scottish rock band formed in Dunfermline, Fife in 1981. They were most popular in the early to mid-1980s, but they still release material for a cult following. The band ...

  155. Big D and the Kids Table

    Big D and the Kids Table

    Big D and the Kids Table is a ska punk band formed in October 1995 in Allston, Massachusetts when its members converged in college. Their first release was on their own Fork In Hand Recor...

  156. Big Deal

    Big Deal

  157. Big Deal

    Big Deal

  158. The Big Figure

    The Big Figure



  160. Big Joe Louis

    Big Joe Louis

  161. The Big Moon

    The Big Moon

  162. The Big Moon

    The Big Moon

  163. Big Narstie

    Big Narstie

  164. Big Naturals

    Big Naturals

  165. Big Sean

    Big Sean

    Sean Michael Anderson (born March 25, 1988), better known by his stage name Big Sean, is an American rapper. Big Sean signed with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music in 2007, and then in 2008 sig...

  166. Bigfoot


  167. Bill Ryder-Jones

    Bill Ryder-Jones

  168. Billie Marten

    Billie Marten

  169. Billie Ray Martin

    Billie Ray Martin

    Billie Ray Martin is a German singer known for her elegant voice and avant garde persona.

  170. Billy Bragg

    Billy Bragg

    Stephen William Bragg (born 20 December 1957), better known as Billy Bragg, is an English alternative rock musician and left-wing activist. His music blends elements of folk music, punk r...

  171. Billy Daniel Bunter & Andy Farley

    Billy Daniel Bunter & Andy Farley

  172. Billy Joel

    Billy Joel

    William Martin "Billy" Joel (born May 9, 1949) is an American musician and pianist, performer, singer-songwriter, and classical composer. Since releasing his first hit song, "Piano Man", ...

  173. Billy Kirkwood

    Billy Kirkwood

  174. Billy Liar

    Billy Liar

  175. Billy Ocean

    Billy Ocean

    Billy Ocean (born Leslie Sebastian Charles; 21 January 1950) is a Trinidad-born English Grammy Award winning popular music performer who had a string of rhythm and blues international pop...

  176. Billy Talent

    Billy Talent

    Billy Talent (formerly known as Pezz) are a Canadian punk rock band from Streetsville, Ontario. They formed in 1993 with Ben Kowalewicz as the lead vocalist, Ian D''Sa on lead guitar, bas...

  177. Billy Walton Band

    Billy Walton Band

  178. Billyclub


  179. Birdy


  180. Birdy Nam Nam

    Birdy Nam Nam

    Birdy Nam Nam is a DJ crew from France whose members are Crazy-B, DJ Pone, DJ Need, and Little Mike. Birdy Nam Nam has won several prizes throughout their career including the DMC Technic...

  181. The Birthday Massacre

    The Birthday Massacre

    The Birthday Massacre (often identified using the abbreviation TBM) is a synthrock band, based in Toronto, Canada. The band formed in 1999, known then as Imagica. This name was borrowed f...

  182. bis


    Bis are a Scottish indie pop band composed of Steven Clark (Sci-fi Steven), John Clark (John Disco), and Amanda MacKinnon (Manda Rin). Formed in 1994, the band broke up in 2003, but refor...

  183. Bishop Briggs

    Bishop Briggs

  184. Bite the Buffalo

    Bite the Buffalo

  185. Bitty McLean

    Bitty McLean

    Bitty McLean (born 8 August 1972, Birmingham, England) is a British/Jamaican reggae, lovers rock and ragga musician. He is best known for his three UK Top 10 hits in 1993 and 1994, includ...

  186. Bivouac


    Bivouac were a British alternative rock band from Derby who were active in the 1990s. They released two albums on the independent label Elemental, before being signed by DGC/Geffen for th...

  187. Bjorn Again

    Bjorn Again

  188. Black Atom Movement

    Black Atom Movement

  189. Black Box

    Black Box

    Black Box was an Italian house music group popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The members of the group included a trio made up of a club DJ (Daniele Davoli), a classically trained...

  190. Black Casino and the Ghost

    Black Casino and the Ghost

  191. Black Cat & Magpies

    Black Cat & Magpies

  192. Black Coast

    Black Coast

  193. Black Coffee

    Black Coffee

  194. The Black Delta Movement

    The Black Delta Movement

  195. Black Foxxes

    Black Foxxes

  196. The Black Heart Rebellion

    The Black Heart Rebellion

  197. Black Honey

    Black Honey

  198. Black Kat Boppers

    Black Kat Boppers

  199. Black Lips

    Black Lips

    Black Lips are a "Flower Punk" band from Atlanta, Georgia.

  200. The Black Madonna

    The Black Madonna

  201. Black Mountain

    Black Mountain

    Black Mountain is a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. The band is composed of Stephen McBean, Amber Webber, Matt Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt and Joshua Wells.

  202. Black Nevada

    Black Nevada

  203. Black Peaches

    Black Peaches

  204. Black Peaks

    Black Peaks

  205. Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath are an English heavy metal band, formed in Aston, Birmingham in 1969 by Ozzy Osbourne (lead vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass guitar), and Bill Ward (drums)....



  207. Black State

    Black State

  208. Black Stone Cherry

    Black Stone Cherry

    Black Stone Cherry are an American rock band that formed in 2001 in Edmonton, Kentucky. They are signed to Roadrunner Records. The band consists of Chris Robertson (lead vocals, guitar), ...

  209. The Black Tambourines

    The Black Tambourines

  210. Black Uhuru

    Black Uhuru

    Black Uhuru are a Jamaican reggae group formed in 1972, initially as Uhuru (Swahili for 'freedom'). The group has undergone several line-up changes over the years, with Duckie Simpson alw...

  211. Black Violin

    Black Violin

  212. Blackalicious


    Blackalicious is an American hip hop duo from Sacramento, California made up of rapper Gift of Gab (born Tim Parker) and DJ/producer Chief Xcel (born Xavier Mosley). They are noted for Gi...

  213. Blackballed


  214. Blackberry Smoke

    Blackberry Smoke

    Blackberry Smoke is an American southern rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. The lineup consists of Charlie Starr (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Richard Turner (Bass, Vocals), Brit Turner (Drums), P...

  215. Blackbird Blackbird

    Blackbird Blackbird

  216. Blackhole


  217. Blacklisted


  218. Blaenavon


  219. Blaine L. Reininger

    Blaine L. Reininger

  220. Blair Dunlop

    Blair Dunlop

  221. Blanck Mass

    Blanck Mass

  222. Blancmange


    Blancmange are a British synthpop band who came to prominence with a string of hits in the early to mid 1980s.

  223. The Blank Tapes

    The Blank Tapes

  224. Blanka


  225. Blasterjaxx


  226. Blaze Bayley

    Blaze Bayley

    Blaze Bayley (born Bayley Alexander Cooke, 29 May 1963, Birmingham, England) is an English singer and songwriter. He has been the lead singer of Wolfsbane from 1984 to 1994, and nowadays ...

  227. Bleached


  228. Bleeding Heart Pigeons

    Bleeding Heart Pigeons

  229. Bleeding Hearts

    Bleeding Hearts

  230. Bless


  231. Blessthefall


    Blessthefall is an American post-hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona, currently signed to Fearless Records. The band was founded in 2003 by guitarist Mike Frisby, drummer Matt Traynor, an...

  232. Blick Bassy

    Blick Bassy

  233. Blind Guardian

    Blind Guardian

    Blind Guardian is a German power metal band formed in the mid-1980s in Krefeld, West Germany. They are often credited as one of the seminal and most influential bands in the power metal a...

  234. Blixa Bargeld

    Blixa Bargeld

    Blixa Bargeld (born Hans Christian Emmerich on 12 January 1959) is a composer, author, actor, singer, musician, performer and lecturer in a number of artistic fields. He is best known for...

  235. Bloc Party

    Bloc Party

    Bloc Party are a British Indie rock band, composed of Kele Okereke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Russell Lissack (lead guitar), Gordon Moakes (bass guitar, synths, backing vocals, glocken...

  236. The Blockheads

    The Blockheads

  237. Blonde


  238. Blondied


  239. Blood Orange

    Blood Orange

  240. Blood Red Saints

    Blood Red Saints

  241. Blood Red Shoes

    Blood Red Shoes

    Blood Red Shoes are an indie rock duo from Brighton, England. They have released two full-length albums, Box of Secrets and Fire Like This, plus a slew of early singles on limited 7" viny...

  242. Blood Sport

    Blood Sport

  243. Blood Youth

    Blood Youth

  244. Bloody Knees

    Bloody Knees

  245. Blossoms


  246. Blossoms


  247. The Blow Monkeys

    The Blow Monkeys

    The Blow Monkeys are a British New Wave band that formed in 1981 as a New Wave-oriented act. The first single, "Live Today Love Tomorrow" was released in 1982. They subsequently recorded ...

  248. The Blow Monkeys & Dr. Robert

    The Blow Monkeys & Dr. Robert

  249. Blue Nation

    Blue Nation

  250. Blue Orchids

    Blue Orchids

    Blue Orchids are a British Post-punk band formed in Manchester, England in 1979, when Martin Bramah decided to quit The Fall having recorded that band''s debut album Live at the Witch Tri...