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  1. Faceless


  2. The Faceless

    The Faceless

    The Faceless is an American technical death metal band from Encino, California. They released their debut album, Akeldama in November 2006, and a follow-up, Planetary Duality, in November...

  3. The Faceless

    The Faceless

  4. Factory Floor

    Factory Floor

  5. Fago.Sepia


  6. Fairport Convention

    Fairport Convention

    Fairport Convention are an English folk rock and later electric folk band, formed in 1967 who are still recording and touring today. They are widely regarded as the most important single ...

  7. Faith Evans

    Faith Evans

    Faith Renée Evans (born June 10, 1973) is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress. Born in Florida and raised in New Jersey, Evans relocated to Los Angeles during 199...

  8. Fakear


  9. The Fall

    The Fall

    The Fall are an English post-punk band, formed in Prestwich, Greater Manchester in 1976. Despite an ever changing line up, the group essentially consists of its founder and only constant ...

  10. Falling Red

    Falling Red

  11. Falling With Style

    Falling With Style

  12. Falloch


  13. The Fallows

    The Fallows

  14. False Lights

    False Lights

  15. Fantasma


  16. Farewell J.R

    Farewell J.R

  17. Fat Freddy's Drop

    Fat Freddy's Drop

    Fat Freddyâ[][]s Drop is a seven-piece band from Wellington, New Zealand, whose musical style has been characterised as any combination of dub, reggae, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, and t...

  18. Fatboy Slim

    Fatboy Slim

    Norman Quentin Cook (born Quentin Leo Cook on 31 July 1963 in Bromley, England) better known by his former stage name Fatboy Slim, is a British DJ, electronic dance music musician, and re...

  19. Fatherson


  20. Fathoms


  21. The Fauns

    The Fauns

  22. Fearless Vampire Killers

    Fearless Vampire Killers

  23. Feast of Fiddles

    Feast Of Fiddles

  24. Federal Charm

    Federal Charm

  25. Feed Me

    Feed Me

  26. Felix Dickinson

    Felix Dickinson

  27. Ferocious Dog

    Ferocious Dog

  28. Ferocious Dog

    Ferocious Dog

  29. The Fevers

    The Fevers

    The Fevers is a Brazilian rock band formed in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1964. They were formerly known as The Fenders when they were formed. The original line up was: Almir Ferreira B...

  30. Field Day

    Field Day

  31. Fifi Rong

    Fifi Rong

  32. Fighting Wolves

    Fighting Wolves

  33. Fightstar


    Fightstar are an English alternative rock band from London. They formed in 2003 and their lineup comprises lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Charlie Simpson, guitarist and vocalist...

  34. Fink


    Fink, AKA Fin Greenall, is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and DJ, born in Cornwall and currently based in Brighton. Since the 2006 release of his Biscuits for Breakfas...

  35. Finley Quaye

    Finley Quaye

  36. Finley Quaye

    Finley Quaye

    Finley Quaye (born 25 March 1974, Edinburgh, Scotland) is a British musician. He won the 1997 Mobo Award for best reggae act, and the 1998 BRIT Award for Best British Male Solo Artist.

  37. The First

    The First

  38. First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit is a Swedish folk duo composed of sisters Johanna (b. 1990) and Klara (b. 1993) Söderberg, whose close vocal harmonies and woodsy, folk-influenced songwriting take influenc...

  39. Fish


    Derek William Dick, better known as Fish, (born 25 April 1958, Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland) is a Scottish progressive rock singer, lyricist and occasional actor, best known as the form...

  40. Fish


  41. Fish


  42. Fishbone


    Fishbone is a U.S. alternative rock band formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, California, which plays a fusion of ska, punk rock, funk, hard rock and soul. Critics have noted of the band: "Fish...

  43. Fisherman's Friends

    Fisherman's Friends

  44. Fit for an Autopsy

    Fit For An Autopsy

  45. Five


    Five (also known as 5ive) were an English boyband put together in 1997 by the same team that managed the Spice Girls before they launched their career. The five members were Scott Robinso...

  46. FKA twigs

    Fka Twigs

  47. fLako


  48. Flash Harry

    Flash Harry

  49. Flava D

    Flava D

  50. Fleshgod Apocalypse

    Fleshgod Apocalypse

    Fleshgod Apocalypse is an Italian symphonic technical death metal band.

  51. Flight Facilities

    Flight Facilities

  52. Flood of Red

    Flood Of Red

  53. The Florentine Camerata

    The Florentine Camerata

  54. Florida Georgia Line

    Florida Georgia Line

  55. Flying Lotus

    Flying Lotus

    Flying Lotus, (born Steven Ellison) is an experimental multi-genre music producer from Winnetka, California. His debut album, 1983, was released on Plug Research Records in 2006. He produ...

  56. Flyte


  57. FM


    FM are a British AOR/''80s rock band. In the U.S., they are often referred to as FMUK. They have released eleven albums to date. Two of those, Indiscreet and Tough It Out reached the UK A...

  58. Focus


    Focus is a Dutch rock band which was founded by classically trained organist/flautist Thijs van Leer in 1969, and is most famous for the instrumental pieces "Hocus Pocus" and "Sylvia". Th...

  59. Foil, Arms & Hog

    Foil, Arms & Hog

  60. FolkLaw


  61. Footsie


  62. Foreign Concept

    Foreign Concept

  63. Forest Swords

    Forest Swords

  64. Forever Cult

    Forever Cult

  65. Forsaken


  66. Fort Hope

    Fort Hope

  67. Four Tet

    Four Tet

    Kieran Hebden (born 1978, Putney, London) is a post-rock and electronic musician. Hebden first came to prominence as a member of the band Fridge before establishing himself as a solo arti...

  68. Four Wheel Drive

    Four Wheel Drive

  69. Foxes


  70. Foxygen


  71. Fozzy


    Fozzy is an American heavy metal/hard rock band, formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1999. The lead singer, Chris Jericho (real name Chris Irvine), who is also a professional wrestler, resides...

  72. Fractures


  73. Framing Hanley

    Framing Hanley

  74. Francesco De Gregori

    Francesco De Gregori

    Francesco De Gregori (born April 4, 1951) is an Italian singer-songwriter. He is popularly known as "Il Principe Poeta" ("The Poet Prince"), a nickname referring to the elegance of his ly...

  75. Francis Dale

    Francis Dale


    Francois & The Atlas Mountains

  77. Frank and Walters, The

    Frank And Walters, The

  78. Frank Iero

    Frank Iero

    Frank Anthony Iero Jr (born October 31, 1981) is the rhythm guitarist, co-lead guitarist and backup vocalist of the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance as well as the vocalist of th...

  79. Frank McComb

    Frank Mccomb

    Frank McComb (born July 15, 1970, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.) is a soul singer and keyboardist. Often compared to Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder, McComb has collaborated with many renowned r...

  80. Frank Skinner

    Frank Skinner

    Frank Skinner (born Christopher Graham Collins on 28 January 1957 in West Bromwich)[citation needed] is a British writer, comedian and actor. He is best known for his television presentin...

  81. Frankee


    Nicole Francine Aiello (born June 9, 1983) is an American singer-songwriter, known by her stage name, Frankee. She grew up with her parents, Matthew and Francine, and her two siblings, el...

  82. Frankie


  83. Frankie & The Heartstrings

    Frankie & The Heartstrings

  84. Frankie Davies

    Frankie Davies

  85. Frankie Forman

    Frankie Forman

  86. Frazey Ford

    Frazey Ford

    Frazey Ford is a Canadian singer-songwriter. She was a founding member of The Be Good Tanyas. Her solo debut Obadiah was released on Nettwerk on July 20, 2010. Ford cites Rhythm and Bl...

  87. Freakangel


  88. Freddie Starr

    Freddie Starr

    Freddie Starr (born Frederick Leslie Fowell on 9 January 1943)[citation needed] is an English comedian who became famous in the early 1970s. He is also an impressionist and singer, with a...

  89. Freeze The Atlantic

    Freeze The Atlantic

  90. Frenzy


  91. The Fresh & Onlys

    The Fresh & Onlys

    The Fresh & Onlys are a US indie rock band. They were formed in San Francisco in 2004 by Tim Cohen of Black Fiction and bassist Shayde Sartin. The pair were later joined by Kyle Gibson, W...

  92. Friend Within

    Friend Within

  93. Frnkiero andthe Cellabration

    Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration

  94. From Carbon

    From Carbon

  95. From The Jam

    From The Jam

  96. From the Jam

    From The Jam

  97. From the Kites of San Quentin

    From The Kites Of San Quentin

  98. Front Porch Step

    Front Porch Step

  99. Froth


  100. Fryars


  101. The Fuckwits

    The Fuckwits

  102. The Full English

    The Full English

  103. FullEnglish


  104. Funeral for a Friend

    Funeral For A Friend

    Funeral for a Friend are a Welsh post-hardcore band, from Bridgend. Formed 2001, they have released five studio albums, seven EPs, sixteen singles, one DVD, and one compilation album.

  105. Funk Mob

    Funk Mob

  106. Fur Cough

    Fur Cough

  107. Fuse ODG

    Fuse Odg

  108. Future


  109. Future Islands

    Future Islands

    Future Islands are a synthpop band based in Baltimore, Maryland. The band is composed of Gerrit Welmers (keyboards and programming), William Cashion (bass, acoustic and electric guitars),...

  110. Futureboogie


  111. Fyfe