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  1. Ma Kellys Boys (Tribute To Status Quo)

    Ma Kellys Boys (Tribute To Status Quo)

  2. Mabel


  3. Mabel Ray

    Mabel Ray

  4. Mac Miller

    Mac Miller

    Malcolm McCormick (born January 19, 1992), known by his stage name Mac Miller (previously Easy Mac), is an American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is signed to Rostrum Records a...

  5. The Maccabees

    The Maccabees

    The Maccabees are an indie rock band from London, England. They have released three albums so far, Colour It In in 2007, with a follow-up, Wall of Arms, released on 4 May 2009. Their most...

  6. Maceo Plex

    Maceo Plex



  8. Machine Head

    Machine Head

    Machine Head is an American heavy metal band from Oakland, California. Formed on October 12, 1991, the group was founded by Robb Flynn and Adam Duce. There have been 4 member changes sinc...

  9. Macka B

    Macka B

    Macka B is a British-born reggae artist, performer and activist with a career spanning thirty years in the United Kingdom and Jamaica. According to â[][]Macka B was one of Br...

  10. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

  11. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

  12. Mad Dog Mcrea

    Mad Dog Mcrea

  13. Mad Dog Mcrea

    Mad Dog Mcrea

  14. Mad Dog Mcrea

    Mad Dog Mcrea

  15. Mad Fingers

    Mad Fingers

  16. Mad Professor

    Mad Professor

  17. Madassa


  18. Maddie and Tae

    Maddie and Tae

  19. Maddie Jones

    Maddie Jones

  20. Maddy Prior

    Maddy Prior

    Maddy Prior (born Madeleine E. Prior 14 August 1947, Blackpool, England) is an English folk singer, best known as the lead vocalist of Steeleye Span.

  21. The Madness

    The Madness

    Madness are a British pop/ska band from Camden Town, London, that formed in 1976. The band continue to perform with their most recognised line-up of seven members, although their line-up ...

  22. Madness


    Madness are a British pop/ska band from Camden Town, London, that formed in 1976. The band continue to perform with their most recognised line-up of seven members, although their line-up ...

  23. Madonna


    Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone; August 16, 1958) is an American singer-songwriter, actress and entrepreneur. Born in Bay City, Michigan, she moved to New York City in 1977 to pursue...

  24. Mae Martin

    Mae Martin

  25. Maelor Hughes

    Maelor Hughes

  26. The Magic Gang

    The Magic Gang

  27. The Magic Numbers

    The Magic Numbers

    The Magic Numbers are an English pop rock band comprising two pairs of brothers and sisters from Greenford. The group was formed in 2002, releasing their critically acclaimed[citation nee...

  28. magic of motown

    magic of motown

  29. Magna Carta

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta is a folk rock group originally formed in London in April 1969; their first concert was on 10 May 1969, by Chris Simpson (guitar, vocals), Lyell Tranter (guitar, vocals), and ...

  30. Mahalia


  31. Maiden uniteD

    Maiden uniteD

  32. The Maine

    The Maine

    The Maine is an American rock band from Tempe, Arizona. They were formed in January 21st, 2007, they released EP Stay Up, Get Down in the same year. On December 11 2007, The Maine made th...

  33. Malarkey Affair

    Malarkey Affair

  34. Malcolm Holcombe

    Malcolm Holcombe

  35. Malevolence


  36. Malevolent Creation

    Malevolent Creation

    Malevolent Creation is a death metal band originally hailing from Buffalo, New York. Moving to Florida in 1987, they became a part of the emergent local death metal scene, landing a deal ...

  37. Malthusian


  38. Mamas Gun

    Mamas Gun

  39. Mammoth Penguins

    Mammoth Penguins

  40. Man Made

    Man Made

  41. Man of Moon

    Man of Moon

  42. Manc Floyd

    Manc Floyd

  43. Manic Street Preachers

    Manic Street Preachers

    Manic Street Preachers are a Welsh alternative rock band, formed in 1986. They are James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore. The band are part of the Cardiff music scene, and were ...

  44. Mano Le Tough

    Mano Le Tough

  45. Marc Jennings

    Marc Jennings

  46. Marcel Lucont

    Marcel Lucont

  47. Marco Bernardi

    Marco Bernardi

  48. Marco Mendoza

    Marco Mendoza

    Marco Mendoza (born 3 May 1963) is an American musician. He spent his formative years living with his grandmother in Tijuana, Mexico. He started playing the guitar at an early age, adopti...

  49. Mare


  50. Margaret Cho

    Margaret Cho

    Margaret Cho (born December 5, 1968) is an American comedian, fashion designer, actress, author, and singer-songwriter. Cho is best known for her stand-up routines, through which she crit...

  51. Mariachi el Bronx

    Mariachi el Bronx

    The Bronx is an American hardcore punk band from Los Angeles formed in 2002. The band''s current lineup consists of vocalist Matt Caughthran, guitarists Joby J. Ford and Ken Horne, bass g...

  52. Maribou State

    Maribou State

  53. Marillion


    Marillion are a British rock band, formed in Aylesbury, England in 1979. Their recorded studio output comprises sixteen albums generally regarded in two distinct eras, delineated by the d...

  54. Marina & the Diamonds

    Marina & the Diamonds

  55. Marina And The Diamonds

    Marina And The Diamonds

    Marina Lambrini Diamandis (born 10 October 1985), better known by her stage name Marina and the Diamonds (sometimes stylised as Marina & the diamonds), is a Welsh singer-songwriter. She r...

  56. Marina C‚leste

    Marina C‚leste

  57. Mark Fanciulli

    Mark Fanciulli

  58. Mark Jenkyns

    Mark Jenkyns

  59. Mark Morriss (The Bluetones)

    Mark Morriss (The Bluetones)

    Mark James Morriss (born 18 October 1971 in Hounslow, Middlesex) is an English singer-songwriter, formerly the lead singer for The Bluetones who split up in September 2011 following a far...

  60. Mark Nelson

    Mark Nelson

  61. Mark Padmore

    Mark Padmore

  62. Mark Radcliffe

    Mark Radcliffe

    Mark Radcliffe (born 29 June 1958) is an English broadcaster who has worked in various roles for the BBC since the 1980s and remains one of Britain's most recognised DJs. He is currently ...

  63. Mark Ronson

    Mark Ronson

    Mark Daniel Ronson (born 4 September 1975) is an English DJ, guitarist, music producer, artist and co-founder of Allido Records. He currently works with his band under the music alias of ...

  64. Mark Steel

    Mark Steel

    Mark Steel (born 4 July 1960) is a British socialist columnist, author and comedian. A stand-up comedian known for his left-wing beliefs (he was a long-standing member of the Socialist Wo...

  65. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas

    Mark Clifford Thomas (born 11 April 1963) is an English comedian, presenter, political activist and reporter from south London. He first became known as a guest comic on the BBC Radio 1 c...

  66. Mark Watson

    Mark Watson

  67. Mark Wynn

    Mark Wynn

  68. Mark XTC

    Mark XTC

  69. Markus Birdman

    Markus Birdman

  70. Marlene Kuntz

    Marlene Kuntz

    Marlene Kuntz is an Italian band from Cuneo. Initially they were inspired by the noise rock of Sonic Youth. The name is a merge of Marlene Dietrich's name and the slang word cunt.

  71. Marlon Williams

    Marlon Williams

  72. Marry Waterson

    Marry Waterson

    Maria Gilhooley, also known as Marie Gilhooley, Marie Knight and Marie/Maria/Marry Waterson is a singer and artist best known for her contributions to numerous recordings and live perform...

  73. Marshall Allen

    Marshall Allen

  74. Martha


  75. Martha Ffion

    Martha Ffion

  76. Martin Carthy

    Martin Carthy

    Martin Carthy MBE (born 21 May 1941) is an English folk singer and guitarist who has remained one of the most influential figures in British traditional music, inspiring contemporaries su...

  77. Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill

    Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill

  78. Martin Mor

    Martin Mor

  79. Martin Turner

    Martin Turner

    Martin Turner (born 1 October 1947, Torquay, Devon) is the bass guitarist, lead vocalist and a founding member of the rock band, Wishbone Ash.

  80. Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash

    Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash

  81. The Martinez Brothers

    The Martinez Brothers

  82. Martyn


  83. Martyn Joseph

    Martyn Joseph

    Martyn Joseph (born July 15, 1960, in Penarth, Wales) is a Welsh singer-songwriter whose music exhibits primarily a brand of Celtic and folk, while his songwriting is often focused on soc...

  84. Martyr Defiled

    Martyr Defiled

  85. Marvellous Cain

    Marvellous Cain

  86. Mary Bourke

    Mary Bourke

  87. The Masonics

    The Masonics

  88. Massive Attack

    Massive Attack

    Massive Attack are an English DJ and trip hop duo from Bristol, England consisting of Robert "3D" Del Naja and Grant "Daddy G" Marshall. Working with co-producers, as well as various sess...

  89. Matchbox Cineclub

    Matchbox Cineclub


  90. Matman


  91. Matt & Kim

    Matt & Kim

    Matt & Kim are a indie dance duo from Brooklyn, New York City. The group was formed in 2005 and is composed of Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums/vocals). They are kn...

  92. Matt Berry

    Matt Berry

    Matthew Charles "Matt" Berry (born 2 May 1974) is an English actor, writer, comedian and musician. Berry is perhaps best known for his appearances in The IT Crowd, Garth Marenghi's Darkpl...

  93. Matt Berry and The Maypoles

    Matt Berry and The Maypoles

  94. Matt Deighton

    Matt Deighton

  95. Matt Forde

    Matt Forde

  96. Matt Henshaw

    Matt Henshaw

  97. Matt Jam Lamont

    Matt Jam Lamont

  98. Matt Kirshen

    Matt Kirshen

  99. Matt Reed

    Matt Reed

  100. Matt Wills

    Matt Wills

  101. Matthew Bourne

    Matthew Bourne

    Matthew Bourne (born 6 October 1977) is a British Jazz musician.

  102. Matthew Crosby

    Matthew Crosby

  103. Matthew E. White

    Matthew E. White

  104. Matthew Finlayson

    Matthew Finlayson


  105. Matthew Halsall

    Matthew Halsall

  106. Matthew Herbert

    Matthew Herbert

    Matthew Herbert (born 1972), also known as Herbert, Doctor Rockit, Radio Boy, Mr. Vertigo, Transformer, and Wishmountain, is a British electronic musician. He has pioneered the use of so-...

  107. Matthew Perryman Jones

    Matthew Perryman Jones

    Matthew Perryman Jones (born 1973) is an American singer-songwriter who currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Jones began his career as a singer-songwriter in 1997, playing his first ...

  108. Matthew Winning

    Matthew Winning


  109. Maven


  110. Max Jury

    Max Jury

  111. Max Raptor

    Max Raptor

    Max Raptor are a four piece punk rock band from the Midlands, UK, formed in 2006. They have toured the UK and played two dates in 2009 with Canadian Punk Rockers, Billy Talent and then to...

  112. Max Splodge

    Max Splodge

  113. Maxi Jazz & The E-Type Boys

    Maxi Jazz & The E-Type Boys

  114. Maximo Park

    Maximo Park

  115. Maya Jane Coles

    Maya Jane Coles

  116. Maybeshewill


    Maybeshewill are an instrumental band from Leicester, United Kingdom whose music is characterised by the use of programmed and sampled electronic elements alongside guitars, bass and drum...

  117. Mayday Parade

    Mayday Parade

    Mayday Parade is an American rock band from Tallahassee, Florida. The band formed in 2005 when members of popular local Tallahassee bands Kid Named Chicago and Defining Moment converged i...

  118. Maz O'Connor

    Maz O'Connor

  119. MC Devvo & Shady Piez

    MC Devvo & Shady Piez

  120. MC Fokus

    MC Fokus

  121. McCrei


  122. mclusky


    Mclusky (often stylized as mclusky), originally known as Best, were a three-piece post-hardcore group formed in Cardiff, Wales. The group consisted of Englishman Andy "Falco" Falkous (voc...

  123. Meadowlark


  124. Mefjus


  125. Megadeth


    Megadeth is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California which was formed in 1983 by guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine, bassist Dave Ellefson and guitarist Greg Handevidt, fol...

  126. Megadeth UK

    Megadeth UK

  127. Megan Washington

    Megan Washington

    Megan Washington is an Australian musician and songwriter who records and performs under the single moniker Washington. She sings and plays piano and guitar.

  128. Meilyr Jones

    Meilyr Jones

  129. Mele


  130. Mele & Monki's

    Mele & Monki's

  131. Melissa Steel

    Melissa Steel

  132. Mella Dee

    Mella Dee

  133. Melody Kane

    Melody Kane

  134. Melrose Quartet

    Melrose Quartet

  135. The Membranes

    The Membranes

    The Membranes were a post-punk band formed in Blackpool, Lancashire in 1977, the initial line-up being John Robb (bass guitar), Mark Tilton (guitar), Martin Critchley (vocals) and Martin ...

  136. Memphis May Fire

    Memphis May Fire

  137. The Men They Couldn't Hang

    The Men They Couldn't Hang

    The Men They Couldn't Hang (TMTCH) are a British folk punk group. The original group consisted of Stefan Cush (Vocals, Guitar), Paul Simmonds (Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Keyboards), Phil...

  138. Menace Beach

    Menace Beach

  139. Mensi


  140. Menswe@r


  141. The Menzingers

    The Menzingers

    The Menzingers are a punk rock band from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

  142. MERRY


    Merry (ã[]¡ã[]ªã[]¼, MerÄ«?) is a visual kei rock band formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2001. The current member lineup consists of Gara on vocals, Yuu and Kenichi on guitar, Tetsu on bass, and ...

  143. Merv Goldsworthy

    Merv Goldsworthy

  144. The Meteors

    The Meteors

    The Meteors are an English psychobilly band formed in 1980. Originally from London, England, they are often credited with giving the psychobilly subgenreâ[][]which fuses punk rock with ro...

  145. Metsat”ll


    Metsatöll is an Estonian folk metal band. The name "Metsatöll" is an ancient Estonian euphemism for wolf, which is reflected in the harshness of their lyrics. Much of their material, fe...

  146. Mew


    Mew is a Danish alternative music band consisting of Jonas Bjerre, Bo Madsen, and Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen. Bassist Johan Wohlert was also a founding member of the band, but left in 20...

  147. mewithoutYou


    MewithoutYou, stylized as mewithoutYou and abbreviated as mwY, is an American rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band consists of vocalist Aaron Weiss, guitarist Michael Weiss...

  148. MGLA


  149. Michael Bolton

    Michael Bolton

    Michael Bolton (born Michael Bolotin; February 26, 1953) is an American singer and songwriter. Bolton originally performed in the hard rock and heavy metal genres from the mid 1970s to th...

  150. Michael Hollingworth

    Michael Hollingworth


  151. Michael John McCarthy

    Michael John McCarthy

  152. Michael Kiwanuka

    Michael Kiwanuka

    Michael Kiwanuka is a British musician of Ugandan heritage who writes songs combining soul and rootsy folk influences and sings them with a deep, husky soulful voice. The Home Again Songf...

  153. Michael Rother

    Michael Rother

    Michael Rother (born 2 September 1950 in Hamburg) is a German experimental Krautrock musician and composer.

  154. Michael Schenker

    Michael Schenker

    Michael Schenker (born 10 January 1955 in Sarstedt, Lower Saxony) is a German rock guitarist, best known for his tenure in UFO, in addition to his solo band. He first rose to fame as a fo...

  155. Mick Ryan & Paul Downes

    Mick Ryan & Paul Downes

  156. Mick Talbot

    Mick Talbot

    Michael 'Mick' Talbot (born 11 September 1958, Wimbledon, London) is a British keyboardist. He played with the late 1970s mod revivalists The Merton Parkas; Dexys Midnight Runners; The Bu...

  157. Mick Wilson

    Mick Wilson

  158. Midge Ure

    Midge Ure

    James "Midge" Ure, OBE (born 10 October 1953, Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland) is a Scottish guitarist, singer, keyboard player, and songwriter. His stage name, Midge, is a phonetic rev...

  159. The Mighty

    The Mighty

  160. Mighty Mighty

    Mighty Mighty

    Mighty Mighty were an indie band formed in Birmingham, England in the mid 1980s. Showing influences from Postcard Records bands such as Orange Juice, they came to prominence when featured...

  161. The Mighty Mocambos

    The Mighty Mocambos

  162. Mike Dignam

    Mike Dignam

  163. Mike Dignam

    Mike Dignam

  164. Mike Pickering

    Mike Pickering

    Michael "Duncan" Pickering (born 24 February 1958, Accrington, Lancashire, England) has DJed at The Haçienda''s infamous "Nude" and "Hot" nights and later "Shine". He worked for Factory ...

  165. Mike Sanchez

    Mike Sanchez

  166. Mike Wozniak

    Mike Wozniak

  167. Miles Hunt

    Miles Hunt

    Miles Hunt (born 29 July 1966, in Birmingham) is the singer / guitarist and songwriter for the Stourbridge, England-based Alternative Rock band The Wonder Stuff.

  168. Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls

    Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls

  169. The Milk Carton Kids

    The Milk Carton Kids

  170. Milk Teeth

    Milk Teeth

  171. Milky Wimpshake

    Milky Wimpshake

  172. Millencolin


    Millencolin is a punk rock band that was formed in October 1992 by Nikola Å arčeviÄ[], Mathias Färm, and Erik Ohlsson in Ã[]rebro, Sweden. In early 1993, drummer Fredrik Larzon joined t...

  173. Mingus Big Band

    Mingus Big Band

    The Mingus Big Band is an ensemble, based in New York City, that specializes in the compositions of the late Charles Mingus. It is managed by his widow, Sue Mingus and represented by Tree...

  174. Minus the Bear

    Minus the Bear

    Minus the Bear is an American indie rock band from Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2001, the group features current and former members of Botch, Kill Sadie, and Sharks Keep Moving. Their ...

  175. Miranda Lambert

    Miranda Lambert

    Miranda Leigh Lambert (born November 10, 1983) is an American country music artist who gained fame as a finalist on the 2003 season of Nashville Star, where she finished in third place an...

  176. Mishka Shubaly

    Mishka Shubaly

  177. The Mispers

    The Mispers

  178. Mista Silva

    Mista Silva

  179. MistaJam


    MistaJam, born Pete Dalton, is an award-winning DJ and Radio presenter for BBC Radio 1, joining in 2008 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, joining in 2005.

  180. Misty in Roots

    Misty in Roots

    Misty in Roots began life as a Southall-based British roots reggae band in the early 1970s. Their first album was 1979's Live at the Counter Eurovision, a record full of Biblical Rastafar...

  181. Misty Miller

    Misty Miller

  182. Mitch Benn

    Mitch Benn

    Mitch Benn (born Mitchell John Benn, 20 January 1970) is a British musician and stand-up comedian known for his humorous songs performed on BBC radio. He is a regular contributor to BBC R...

  183. MJ Hibbett & The Validators

    MJ Hibbett & The Validators

    Mark John ("MJ") Hibbett (born 19 June 1970) is an English guitarist singer-songwriter, often compared to Billy Bragg and Richard Digance. With his band The Validators, Hibbett came to w...

  184. Modern Baseball

    Modern Baseball

  185. Modern Life Is War

    Modern Life Is War

    Modern Life Is War (commonly abbreviated as M.L.I.W.), was a Marshalltown, Iowa-based melodic hardcore punk band. They were known for their incendiary live shows and unique take on the me...

  186. Modern Romance

    Modern Romance

    Modern Romance were a British pop music band that found popularity in the early 1980s. Formed in 1980 by previous members of an earlier band, The Leyton Buzzards, the band enjoyed a strin...

  187. The Modfathers

    The Modfathers

  188. Moishe's Bagel

    Moishe's Bagel

    Moishe's Bagel are a Scottish band formed in 2003, who play "jazz-inflected klezmer and Balkan music". They are critically acclaimed and have toured all over Britain, America and other pa...

  189. Molland & Sullivan

    Molland & Sullivan


  190. Molly Nilsson

    Molly Nilsson

  191. Molotov Jukebox

    Molotov Jukebox

  192. Molotov Jukebox

    Molotov Jukebox

  193. Momus


    Nick Currie (born 11 February 1960 in Paisley, Scotland), more popularly known under the artist name Momus (after the Greek god of mockery), is a songwriter, blogger and former journalist...

  194. Monarks


  195. MONEY


  196. Money


  197. Monki


  198. The Monochrome Set

    The Monochrome Set

    The Monochrome Set are an English post-punk band originally formed in 1978 from the remnants of a college group called The B-Sides (whose members had included Stuart Goddard, later known ...

  199. Monogram


  200. Monster Ceilidh Band

    Monster Ceilidh Band

  201. Monster Magnet

    Monster Magnet

    Monster Magnet is an American stoner rock band. Hailing from Red Bank, New Jersey, the group was founded by Dave Wyndorf (vocals and guitar), John McBain (guitar) and Tim Cronin (vocals a...

  202. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

  203. Moonspell


    Moonspell is a Portuguese gothic metal band with death metal, doom metal and black metal elements. Formed in 1992, the group released their first EP Under the Moonspell in 1994, a year be...

  204. Moose Blood

    Moose Blood

  205. More Dangerous Animal

    More Dangerous Animal

  206. The Most

    The Most

  207. Mostly Autumn

    Mostly Autumn

    Mostly Autumn is a British band, producing music heavily influenced by classic 1970s rock. The group formed in 1996, and have built their reputation through constant touring, never signin...

  208. Motionless in White

    Motionless in White

    Motionless in White is an American metalcore band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Formed in 2005, the group is known for its dark horror-themed lyrics and physical appearances, that of which...

  209. Motor City Drum Ensemble

    Motor City Drum Ensemble

  210. Motor Sister

    Motor Sister

  211. Motorhead


  212. Moulettes


  213. Moulettes


  214. Mount Kimbie

    Mount Kimbie

    Mount Kimbie is a British electronic duo that formed in London, England in 2008. The duo consists of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos. Unlike many other mainstream dubstep artists, their styl...

  215. Mourning Beloveth

    Mourning Beloveth

    Mourning Beloveth is an Irish doom metal band.

  216. The Mouse Outfit

    The Mouse Outfit

  217. Move D

    Move D

  218. Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer

    Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer

  219. Mr Shiraz

    Mr Shiraz

  220. Mr. Thing

    Mr. Thing

  221. Mr. Thing

    Mr. Thing

  222. Mr. Thing

    Mr. Thing

  223. Mr. Woodnote

    Mr. Woodnote

  224. Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer

    Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer

    Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer (real name Jim Burke) is a parodist who performs "chap hop" â[][] hip-hop delivered in a Received Pronunciation accent. Mr. B raps, or "rhymes", about high soci...

  225. Mud


    Mud were an English glam rock band, formed in February 1968, best remembered for their single "Tiger Feet", which was the UK's best-selling single of 1974. After signing to RAK Records an...

  226. The Muffin Men

    The Muffin Men

  227. Mugstar


  228. Mulatu Astatke

    Mulatu Astatke

    Mulatu Astatke (born 1943; surname sometimes spelled Astatqé on French-language releases, and á[][]á[][]á[]± á[] á[]µá[]³á[]¥á[][] in his native Amharic) is an Ethiopian musician and arr...

  229. Mumdance


  230. Mumford & Sons

    Mumford & Sons

    Mumford & Sons are a British folk rock band. The band consists of Marcus Mumford (vocals, guitar, drums, mandolin), Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboards, accordion, drums), Country Winston Marsh...

  231. Mumiy Troll

    Mumiy Troll

  232. Muncie Girls

    Muncie Girls

  233. Mungo Jerry

    Mungo Jerry

    Mungo Jerry is an English rock group whose greatest success was in the early 1970s, though they have continued throughout the years with an ever-changing line-up, always fronted by Ray Do...

  234. Mura Masa

    Mura Masa

  235. Murder the Disturbed

    Murder the Disturbed

  236. Muse


    Muse are an English alternative rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. The band consists of school friends Matthew Bellamy (lead vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, keytar), Chr...

  237. Mutant Vinyl

    Mutant Vinyl



    MuteMath (often stylized as MUTEMATH) is an American alternative rock band from New Orleans that formed in 2003. The group consists of lead vocalist and keyboardist Paul Meany, drummer Da...

  239. My Dying Bride

    My Dying Bride

    My Dying Bride are an English doom metal band formed in Bradford, England in 1990. To date, My Dying Bride have released eleven full-length studio albums, three EPs, one demo, one box set...

  240. My Nu Leng

    My Nu Leng

  241. Mykal Rose

    Mykal Rose

  242. Myrkur


  243. Myrkur


  244. Myth City

    Myth City