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Choose the right ticketing solution for you

Need a flexible service for a large event?

If you are looking to sell tickets for large events, tours, festivals, exhibitions or special events that may require bespoke ticketing and marketing, contact our dedicated See Tickets account managers. Be sure to give us as many details about the event as possible. Email: workwithus@seetickets.com

Self-service ticketing through our Client Console

If you are a promoter or venue looking to sell general admission tickets for smaller events, tours or festivals then the Client Console self-service system is for you. This web-based platform will provide you with complete control over your event listing and all the tools to sell tickets in minutes.

Client Console

The Client Console has already been used by more than 2,000 promoters and venues across the UK. It allows you to put tickets on sale, add information to the booking page, get instant real time sales reports and alter the amount of tickets available at any time. Our advanced reporting also provides detailed information about your customers including the time and source of their booking so you know exactly what promotion is working best for you.

Distribution and Sales

With a database of 4.2 million subscribers, 2 million website visitors per month and over 600 affiliate partners, we have significant power behind us when it comes to promoting your event and we can do this completely free of charge.

Facebook ticketing and website integration

Seamlessly integrate a ticket shop into your website or Facebook page through See.

24/7 Call Centre

If your customers want to speak to a real person then they can. We have a 24/7 UK booking and customer service call centre.

Flexible Solutions

We work flexibly with all of our event partners and scale our services to meet their needs - whatever they are. Our expertise includes access control - where we have led the way in developing our own innovative platform - priority booking, balloting and registration systems.

All of this means we can provide extensive knowledge, ability and experience when it comes to supporting your event.

Social Sharing

Social marketing can make a huge difference to sales and selling through See makes this easy. Customers can share events and ticket purchases via their Facebook timeline, friends then discover your event, buy tickets, share with their friends and so on.