George Ezra

Performing: George Ezra and Rae Morris

This event is for over 14s only - No refunds will be issued for under 14s.

This event's performance date has changed (the old date was Wednesday, 22 Oct 2014 at 7:00 PM). The show will now take place on Monday, 27 Oct 2014 at 7:00 PM.
Ticket type Ticket cost (face value)? Quantity
STANDING £16.50 (£15.00) Transaction fee applicable * Contact venue for tickets

Contact venue for tickets

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Date change: was 22nd October 2014

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Comments from Facebook

Chantelle Elizabeth Jones

Anyone got 2 tickets for Newcastle??

Posted on: 2014-07-18T15:17:28+0000
Likes: 1

Kristina Vaitekunaite

Any spare tickets for Leeds?

Posted on: 2014-08-22T09:22:33+0000
Likes: 0

Caron Forrest

looking for tickets for glasgow or newcastle for my son

Posted on: 2014-08-20T13:00:07+0000
Likes: 0

Paige Jenkins

Anyone selling 2 tickets for Newcastle?

Posted on: 2014-08-12T20:27:03+0000
Likes: 0

Jenna Muir

does anyone have 2 tickets for glasgow?

Posted on: 2014-08-12T18:27:32+0000
Likes: 0

Agnes Meakin

has anyone got 3 tickets for the london 1 ?

Posted on: 2014-08-09T22:53:53+0000
Likes: 0

Casey Devine

has anyone got a ticket for the Belfast or Dublin show?

Posted on: 2014-08-07T11:51:30+0000
Likes: 0

Wirginia 'Winia' Bada

anymore tickets for Newcastle?

Posted on: 2014-07-27T09:14:10+0000
Likes: 0

Zoë Yasmine Heslop

Anyone selling tickets for Newcastle?

Posted on: 2014-07-26T08:42:09+0000
Likes: 0

Aliyyah Khan

Anyone selling two tickets for Birmingham?

Posted on: 2014-06-13T10:11:44+0000
Likes: 1

Olivia Maddison

Anyone selling 2 tickets for Newcastle??

Posted on: 2014-07-24T08:30:16+0000
Likes: 0

Tom Brown

Does anyone have 2 tickets for Manchester that they're wishing to sell?

Posted on: 2014-07-21T11:02:03+0000
Likes: 0

Lewis Danby

Selling Newcastle tickets and Leeds tickets contact me for details

Posted on: 2014-07-16T10:29:01+0000
Likes: 0

Christopher Fox

I have 2 tickets for Newcastle for sale.

Posted on: 2014-07-16T14:29:23+0000
Likes: 0

Rob Saunders

Lewis Danby deal if they havent gone?! Be a nice early birthday present.

Posted on: 2014-07-14T16:47:57+0000
Likes: 0

Harry Smyth

Please message me back if you are selling your tickets. Will pay above going rate for them :)

Posted on: 2014-07-13T11:47:44+0000
Likes: 0

Adam Carter

Anyone selling two tickets for Newcastle? Thanks :)

Posted on: 2014-07-14T09:11:34+0000
Likes: 0

Lewis Danby

selling 2 tickets for london show

Posted on: 2014-07-13T23:08:31+0000
Likes: 0

Chris Keats

Does anyone have two spare tickets for the London show?Thanks

Posted on: 2014-07-11T10:41:33+0000
Likes: 0

Dasha Zhivaykina

Need a ticket! Please PM me if you want to sell one

Posted on: 2014-05-05T14:25:34+0000
Likes: 1

Ben Lawrence

One ticket to George Ezra at Birmingham Glee club for sale!

Posted on: 2014-06-01T15:45:30+0000
Likes: 0

Susanna Kirke Papette

I need a ticket too let me know!!!

Posted on: 2014-05-22T15:43:35+0000
Likes: 0

Laís Verissimo Do Nascimento

Any spare tickets for Leeds or Manchester? I need 2! cheers

Posted on: 2014-08-21T13:45:26+0000
Likes: 0

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