How Now Mrs Brown Cow

How Now Mrs Brown Cow

Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult. We cannot issue refunds to under 14s who are not accompanied by an adult.

Ticket type Cost (face value)? Quantity Seat location
SEATS £43.45 (£39.50) Transaction fee applicable *
SEATS £35.75 (£32.50) Transaction fee applicable *
SEATS £24.75 (£22.50) Transaction fee applicable *
Newcastle Metro Radio Arena

Where we provide a seating plan for events, every effort is made to show you correct information. However, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of our seating plans in case of short term or venue specific changes due to production requirements. Seating plans are generally provided as a guide only and are not an exact representation of the seating layout at the venue.

* The transaction fee is £2.50 for Standard Delivery.

Please note that this fee is per transaction and not per ticket.

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As a responsible entertainment venue, the safety and comfort of our patrons is paramount. This Duty of Care is particularly relevant when protecting minors under 14 years old; as such our policy is that all children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult, defined as someone 16+ years of age who will be present for the full duration of the event.

For certain shows where the audience is both seated and standing, no one under 14 years old will be permitted AT ALL to stand on the auditorium floor.

Parents should always be aware of their general responsibilities regarding their children's safety in situations where they are outside their direct control, and indeed legislation detailing these responsibilities.

Please note that some seats have sight restrictions as below:

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Comments from Facebook

Gemma Ware

need 2 tickets to see mrs browns boys but its only giving me the option of quantity 0 or 1 how do u order 2 with the seats needs to be next to each other

Posted on: 2015-01-21T09:33:49+0000
Likes: 1

Doreen Marshall

when do I receive tickets? or do I pick themup..have 3 purchased for 4th april matinee

Posted on: 2015-02-04T19:25:26+0000
Likes: 0

Karen Bryce

Gemma I'm the same tried calling as well and keep getting cut off

Posted on: 2015-01-23T10:32:18+0000
Likes: 0

Ian Smith Dhl

Ive got 2 tickets seated together for the Mrs Browns Boys Nottingham show on Sat 4th July for the 6.30pm show. I want to change them for 2 tickets seated together on another date ( any ) as ive got ticket to see AC/DC that day. Nottingham or Birmingham will be fine. If anyone can help please e.mail me at Cheers Ian.

Posted on: 2015-01-09T13:08:40+0000
Likes: 0

Gemma Ware

so how r we ment be get more than 1 ticket any ideas

Posted on: 2015-01-26T04:51:11+0000
Likes: 0

Suzanne McDermott

Got tickets for April on pure this helps anyone trying

Posted on: 2014-07-06T17:01:48+0000
Likes: 0

Julie Roper

needing 2 tickets for saturday matnee have to be next to each other

Posted on: 2013-12-04T12:58:57+0000
Likes: 1

Paul Moorhouse

Avent laught as much 4 ages mouse

Posted on: 2013-12-04T21:36:00+0000
Likes: 1

Leanne Laking

Can u only buy one ticket at a time or is that just what they have left

Posted on: 2013-10-24T09:24:35+0000
Likes: 0

Kathleen Johnstone

does anyone know how long the show lasts- have tickets for liverpool and need to sort train ticket's out

Posted on: 2013-10-21T17:32:57+0000
Likes: 0

Jenny Amelia

Rhyl in the bag...happy days.

Posted on: 2013-02-22T09:38:04+0000
Likes: 3

Jayne Heath

I have just been given 3 tickets to see you level 1 seats yay cant wait x

Posted on: 2013-05-20T18:35:31+0000
Likes: 0

Aidan Conway

I watch the tv series all the time cannot wait to see it live

Posted on: 2013-01-31T22:14:11+0000
Likes: 3

Jane Budge

Glasgow all sold out, need more dates?

Posted on: 2013-01-30T21:32:23+0000
Likes: 3

Tracy Kirrage

See you Thursday. Can't wait.

Posted on: 2013-03-26T20:32:16+0000
Likes: 1

Buddug Evans

Impossible to get through to booking office! Despairing!!

Posted on: 2013-02-22T09:59:26+0000
Likes: 2

David Lewis

This website is completely useless!

Posted on: 2013-02-22T09:16:43+0000
Likes: 2

Gemma Evans

Does anyone know how much tickets are for Rhyl ?

Posted on: 2013-03-12T21:55:51+0000
Likes: 1

Matty Blain

cant wait for tomorrow nights.

Posted on: 2013-04-08T14:02:13+0000
Likes: 0

Lauren Grew

how high is the 211 platform?

Posted on: 2013-02-23T20:08:53+0000
Likes: 0

Helen Cooke

I went live show last year stared at 2pm finished at 5pm had a 20minute break got to meet them all after x.

Posted on: 2013-02-11T18:52:30+0000
Likes: 0

Mathew Petherick

Does anyone no how long the show time

Posted on: 2013-02-10T18:10:22+0000
Likes: 0

Craig Dunlop

is there anyone selling a ticket on here for secc in april because a was thinking about treating my mum if so please pm me with details :) thanks.

Posted on: 2013-02-04T22:10:31+0000
Likes: 0

Alison Brundle

Julie Lewis...have a look at this.....what do you think? xx

Posted on: 2013-01-30T20:22:09+0000
Likes: 1

Sally Anne Bennett

This will have to be a definite in June. Love it.

Posted on: 2013-01-27T20:46:41+0000
Likes: 0

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