The Blackheart Orchestra

cb2, Cambridge.

The Blackheart Orchestra

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Award-winning British songwriters, composers and multi-instrumentalists duo Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington are The Blackheart Orchestra.
One of the must-see bands of 2017, the pioneering duo blend musical styles seamlessly sidestepping boundaries to create music huge enough to fill a cathedral. Always producing something beyond all easily marketed genres, their multi-instrumental sonic landscapes have always been too unpredictable for pop, too adventurous for the mainstream and too plain weird for folk.
Fusing acoustic fragility and pulsing electronica, The Blackheart Orchestra bring together stringed instrument dexterity and 80’s synthesisers with clear classical influences. Often mistaken for an 8-piece band on first listen, they are found on stage continuously changing from electric and acoustic guitars, bowed guitar, piano, organ, bass and electronic percussion to vintage synthesisers, omnichord and melodica. One moment their sound is minimal and molecular, the next a mountain-like wall of sound with vast symphonic climaxes.
Their four critically acclaimed albums and mesmerising live shows have won them obsessive worldwide fans, plaudits from musical giants and placements on TV commercials and films. Chrissy Mostyn’s haunting vocals, the Mike Oldfield-like multi-instrumental playing of Rick Pilkington plus their fearless combination of conventional and unconventional all reflect their self-created universe where art meets sound and words paint pictures that take you with them on their musical journey into the deepest emotions of the human psyche.
“Beautiful, powerful and inspiring” Steve Hackett, Genesis
“They remind us why music lifts us up” Dalton Delan, American Broadcasting (USA)
“From heartbreaking to uplifting in a single song” Western Star (Australia)
“Absolute brilliance” A Journal of Musical Things (Canada)
“An ethereal musical landscape, an enchanting masterpiece” Purple Revolver (UK)