Blackpool Illumination Switch-On Weekend

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Sorry there are no shows for Blackpool Illumination Switch-On Weekend right now.

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Liz Cullen

oooh I love the script, strangely find Danny attractive....just might have to invest.

Posted on: 2013-07-04T16:58:58+0000
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Joanne Southern Was Daugherty

how much are they?

Posted on: 2013-07-04T13:38:07+0000
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Ryan Redmond

I hope no one buys a ticket and takes a stand against money grabbing rip offs like this. the problem these days is more and more scams and rip offs happen an while complaints about prices and things are at a all time high, so is the profit , meaning no matter nothing is oing to change.from concerts stopping you taking in drinks o then charge £3 for a glass of water and booking fees to now charging for free events.words mean nothing, its only money and ticket sales companies care about, so no sales equals they finally listen.

Posted on: 2013-07-08T23:48:18+0000
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Jen Marks

This was always a free event until the council saw a new way of making money. The same council who changed the prom to two lanes causing such severe congestion that it now takes 20 minutes to drive along the Golden Mile at 'rush hour'.

Posted on: 2013-07-04T17:13:00+0000
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Christne Cooper

How can I afford to buy 3 ticket to what used to be a free event

Posted on: 2013-07-04T13:02:59+0000
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Missy Bridetobe Monty

the Script are a favs too x.

Posted on: 2013-07-04T17:09:08+0000
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