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Willy Burrelli

Gumtree :)

Posted on: 2015-07-31T15:30:25+0000
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Buy Tickets With No Booking Fee's Here http://soldoutgigs.co.uk/products/james-bay

Posted on: 2015-04-05T15:39:51+0000
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Jessie Debts

tickets still on sale if you go on bic site

Posted on: 2015-04-02T15:32:50+0000
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Sean 'King Du' Clarke

Tickets available direct with Cambridge Corn Exchange! Cheaper aswell! https://www.cambridgelivetrust.co.uk/cornex/events-list?combine=james+bay&op=Search

Posted on: 2015-04-02T08:25:43+0000
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Sarah Hands

Just got tickets for Brighton online direct from Brighton Dome - slightly cheaper as well. Seated though.

Posted on: 2015-04-02T08:25:19+0000
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Nikita Tantan Valentino

Can't believe that ready to but at 09.00.. Get me in are already selling at double the price!! Not fair :(

Posted on: 2015-04-02T08:18:47+0000
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Joanna Hadfield

Tickets available direct with 02 Academy

Posted on: 2015-04-02T08:13:28+0000
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Paul Beebe

I wonder how many tickets were left after the Fan presale and then o2 Priority pre sale

Posted on: 2015-04-02T08:10:11+0000
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Kelly Paddock

How can you sell out when your inputting your details!?

Posted on: 2015-04-02T08:09:01+0000
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Steve Dobson

That's not right. Tickets for all JB gigs sold out in less than 3 mins - even to those registered on See. Sounds like a Con.

Posted on: 2015-04-02T08:06:33+0000
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Bernadette Malone

tickets sold out in 4 mins!!

Posted on: 2015-04-02T08:05:30+0000
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Lily Maguire

need 4 tickets for Cambridge??

Posted on: 2015-04-02T08:04:22+0000
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Celine Louise Messer

anyone selling tickets for bristol??

Posted on: 2015-03-23T16:24:48+0000
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Kate Lowdon

anyone selling 2 tickets for Newcastle ?

Posted on: 2015-03-09T13:48:53+0000
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Chris Bell

Anyone have tickets for the Sheffield event?

Posted on: 2015-02-13T16:52:31+0000
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Polly Burgess

Anyone have tickets for the bristol dates?

Posted on: 2015-02-08T16:21:24+0000
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Linda Mara

Anyone selling any tickets for Portsmouth?

Posted on: 2015-01-29T10:18:48+0000
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Jodie Mitchell

Does anyone have any tickets for the birmingham date?

Posted on: 2015-01-23T14:46:05+0000
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Katy Chadbond

if anyone is selling 2 tickets for the Manchester gig on the 11th please contact me

Posted on: 2015-01-18T12:50:32+0000
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(Unknown user)

If anyone has any tickets for KOKO I would be really interested!!! Call/msg on 07711228561 thanks

Posted on: 2015-01-16T09:07:12+0000
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Hannah Murphy

Hi I have two spare tickets for Birmingham - please contact hannah.murphy@live.co.uk or 07748697169. Thanks

Posted on: 2015-01-12T14:27:48+0000
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Lolly LaBeija

If anyone has spare tickets to the Koko gig please contact me

Posted on: 2014-12-30T21:00:14+0000
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Ela Good

Is anyone selling 2 tickets for the Bristol gig?

Posted on: 2014-12-18T10:57:08+0000
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Dan Boer

sold out too fast! if anyone is selling 2 tickets please contact me!!

Posted on: 2014-11-17T10:12:28+0000
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Kelly Godfrey

Would love two tickets please if anyone is selling any! Thanks

Posted on: 2014-11-12T22:00:54+0000
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