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Joanne Gilly Harris

How the hell do you take someone's payment details and then tell them there's no tix left?????

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:05:21+0000
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Jessie Rodda

I swear every other ticket company reserves the tickets for you for like 15 minutes whilst you enter your details..

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:29:01+0000
Likes: 12

Luke Davies

was waiting for this for 5 years, entered my details and everything and said sold out, absolutely gutted, complete despair!

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:27:58+0000
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Luke Morgan

How can you take me through to the payment page, take my email address, sign me up to your website, take my card details and then tell me it is sold out? sort it out! Also - sort out your payment process so that idiots can't sell them for FIVE TIMES the ticket value 5 minutes after you sell out. absolute shambles.

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:28:39+0000
Likes: 10

Thomas Dragon Plant

ive entered my details in 4 times now and after said sorry out of stock!!!

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:23:03+0000
Likes: 8

Stuart Mc Daid

Don't suppose anyone has one ticket to sell for Fri 14th at Alexandra Palace??

Posted on: 2014-11-07T21:15:30+0000
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Matthew Searle

With how many people are saying the same thing im sat here hoping its just a massive website blunder and theres still tickets held back on the site

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:37:12+0000
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Shaun Bretherton

I have 2 tickets at Alexandra Palace for Friday 14th November, will sell for the same price I paid for them. If anyone is interested, message me.

Posted on: 2014-10-15T09:41:42+0000
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Charlotte Thake

I have 2 x standing tickets for Jamie T @ Alexandra Palace on Sat 15 Nov - ideally looking for a swap for Fri 14 Nov but message me if interested in buying anyway!

Posted on: 2014-10-15T09:05:53+0000
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Joe Camp

Have 2 tickets for Alexandra Palace on Sat 15th which i would like to swap for the Fri 14th if any one is keen??

Posted on: 2014-10-14T16:09:13+0000
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Myles Goode

you guys need better moderators on this site. awfully processed. thanks a lot chaps. sort your lives out

Posted on: 2014-07-09T09:14:54+0000
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Andrew Harding

I told my girl friend I bought her a ticket to jamie t which was a lie. need two tickets alexandra palace for the Saturday November would be amazing

Posted on: 2014-10-06T21:49:35+0000
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Mark Leddy

Have one spare ticket for tommorow

Posted on: 2014-11-17T19:41:43+0000
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Joe Camp

Bought x2 Tickets for Jamie T on Saturday 15th at Ally Pally......need to swap for the friday if anyone can help? Inbox me!

Posted on: 2014-10-02T08:41:25+0000
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Jasper Howard

I have a spare ticket for tonight £25

Posted on: 2014-11-15T14:28:45+0000
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Patrick Hickey

Took my payment details then tells me theyve gone....

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:06:14+0000
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Will Beamish

I've got a spare ticket if anyone wants it

Posted on: 2014-11-14T11:42:18+0000
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Brett Janes

Tickets sold out by 10:02 :/ what

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:04:01+0000
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Ben West

Queuing to be then told there's none available! Yeah great one

Posted on: 2014-07-09T09:17:51+0000
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Natalie Taylor

Did anyone manage to get a ticket? Or has it taken everyones details than said sold out?

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:08:59+0000
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Thomas Dragon Plant

im so pissed off!! waited so long and was meant to be getting these as a birthday present for my mate FML

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:40:50+0000
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Ed Cratchley

Is this legit?! Sold out after 2 minutes?! I entered all my details and then it says sold out. TOSS MATE

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:07:38+0000
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Bethany Kerr

This is the worst website. I was entering my card details and pressed enter to be advised "sorry, loos like we ran out of stock whilst you were entering your payment details" WTF!!! how is that even possible!! Retards

Posted on: 2014-08-15T08:18:09+0000
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Jennifer Yates

How did it sell out this fast?! Piss take

Posted on: 2014-08-15T08:20:29+0000
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Sam Rickman

This site is a joke - i tried phoning seetickets and it's a "high call volume" message then CUTS YOU OFF!? Literally such a joke.

Posted on: 2014-07-02T09:42:22+0000
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