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Lisa Marie Chapman

the concert is in 8 days and my tickets still havent came i hope they come soon

Posted on: 2013-11-11T00:01:35+0000
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Jessie Tinydancer Rowley

got my tickets today

Posted on: 2013-11-20T22:05:32+0000
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Emma Darbyshire

when are the tickets being issued for Manchester????

Posted on: 2013-10-03T09:55:25+0000
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Claire Robinson-Gerrard

I am absolutely gutted they have changed this date as I am meant to be in London. I have booked hotels and transport for the 16th and then the same for my London weekend. Don't know how I am meant to get back from London to Manchester in 1 hr. Think it's bad news changing date so close to event as this is for my daughters birthday.

Posted on: 2013-09-30T14:34:12+0000
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Angela Haworth

I'm still waiting for my ticket for Manchester.

Posted on: 2013-11-12T09:13:59+0000
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Sam Phillips

still not got my tickets for the Manchester gig

Posted on: 2013-11-07T10:13:09+0000
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Lisa Marie Chapman

I'm waiting for mine too :-(

Posted on: 2013-08-22T00:24:33+0000
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Catrin Cadmore

Seeing as the date has now changed, my sister can't come with me :( is it possible to get a refund on 1 ticket?

Posted on: 2013-10-15T22:46:41+0000
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Paulaa Fur Hailstone

Have Nottingham tickets been sent yet ... im waiting :)

Posted on: 2013-09-19T13:56:40+0000
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Diana Craddock

has anyone got their tickets for birmingham yet still waiting

Posted on: 2013-09-14T18:20:36+0000
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Diana Craddock

still waiting for birmingham tickets and lost the email.

Posted on: 2013-09-06T15:11:12+0000
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Tracey Freeman

Still waiting for ours to arrive :(

Posted on: 2013-08-07T00:56:13+0000
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Mark Williams

already got mine for birmingham got them the other day.

Posted on: 2013-06-20T13:03:54+0000
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Karen Tholomew Campbell

Glasgow here we come. can't wait. it's been to long since seen them last. the album is brill x.

Posted on: 2013-06-18T19:42:21+0000
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Emma Louise Hurley

Kayleigh Lowe shall we get seated or standing?

Posted on: 2013-06-18T07:48:50+0000
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Angela Silvester

My lil boy can't wait till friday.. Better put the cash aside.

Posted on: 2013-06-18T19:19:50+0000
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