See + Messenger FAQs

- I have received a notification for (example) Spunge but this links to a ticket page saying (example) Reel Big Fish with an image of Reel Big Fish?
You may have received a notification where one of your favourite artists is a support act rather than a headliner. In this instance, the artist image and artist listed most prominently on the tour page will be the headliner. Please double check your favourite artist is in support on the date you choose as support acts can vary from date to date on a tour.

- I clicked on a link to buy tickets but no tickets were showing
We aim to connect you to the artists you love by sending you a ticket link as soon as an event goes on sale - unfortunately due to high demand, sometimes events sell out quickly.

- I received multiple Facebook notifications at once - can I limit the number I receive?
We are working on a way to group multiple, single event notifications into one carousel notification with ticket options for each event listed. This will help limit the number of Messenger notifications you receive if tickets for a number of your favourite artists are going on sale at the same time

- How do I stop receiving notifications?
You can unlink your Spotify account to stop receiving notifications from See - you can find instructions within the ?manage notifications' menu. You can also just take a break from us and mute notifications for a short period from within the Facebook Messenger app itself (top right-hand blue tick box)

- What data do you have access to and how is it used?
By syncing your Spotify account with us, we are able to access your top 50 most listened to artists on Spotify on a six-month term. This data is automatically refreshed every month to enable us to keep on top of your listening trends and send you the most relevant notifications. Your listening data is only used to power Facebook Messenger notifications and is not shared anywhere else.

- Is it safe to purchase tickets through Messenger?
The ticket links sent within our notifications link straight back to the main See Tickets website - if you purchase through one of these links you transact safely and securely with See Tickets in the same way you would if you went on to the website to buy.

- My favourite artist is touring but I didn't get a notification from you?
We can only share ticket links for tours where See Tickets has been allocated tickets by the promoter or event organiser to sell. Where we don't have a ticket allocation and these are being sold by another ticket company, we cannot send a notification.

- Who are TalkBe and AE listed within the log in screens?
See's Spotify Facebook Messenger service is managed by a company called TalkBe using technology powered by AE (Appreciation Engine)

- I want to contact See's customer service
There is a ?customer service' button within the Messenger platform - this will give you details of how to get in touch with See's customer service team.

- One of my favourite artists was announced as a support act for a tour but I didn't get a notification? Our notifications are triggered when an event goes on sale so if a support act is announced after this point (as is usually the case), a notification won't be sent unfortunately.

- Where does the information used in notifications come from?
The service is all connected to the See Tickets on-sale calendar which is a part of our ticketing system.

- I have some more questions - who can I contact?
Feel free to get in touch with us on