Hearing Systems Explained

Infra-red System

All Really Useful Group and Nimax Theatres use either the Sennheiser or Williams Infra-red hearing system.

An infra-red system consists of transmitter units placed on either side of the auditorium, which transmits an invisible infra-red light to the headset, amplyfying the sound for the person who is hearing impaired. The best reception is received in centre stalls or the first six seats in the central part of the Dress Circle. The reception is poorer at the rear of the auditorium and Upper Circle levels due to the distance the infra-red signal has to travel to the headset.

Loop System

An induction loop system helps deaf people who use a hearing aid hear sounds more clearly, as it reduces or cuts out background noise. Please note Really Useful and Nimax Theatres DO NOT have a loop system in place; however, induction loop necklaces may be available which work with hearing aids. Please check with the operator at the time of booking or contact the theatre stage door for further advice.

How does the induction necklace work?

An induction loop necklace is a cable that goes around the persons neck, and an electric current is fed to the loop by an amplifier that gets its signal from a connection with a source of sound. The resulting current in the loop produces a magnetic field that matches the sound. You can then pick up this magnetic field if you are sitting within the area of the loop and your hearing aid - or loop listening aid - is set to 'T'. You can adjust your hearing aid for volume in the usual way.

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