Iván Ferreiro Entradas

Iv├ín Ferreiro is a Spanish singer-songwriter born in Vigo, Galicia in 1970. He was the voice, leader and composer of the popular pop-rock band Los Piratas. After Los Piratas split, by late 2003, Iv├ín kept playing with his brother Amaro in a Pub in Vigo, called El Ensanche. Due to the success of this set of concerts, he decided to record an album with new songs, Canciones para el tiempo y la distancia, that was released in 2005. In the tour of the album, Tournedo, Iv├ín was accompanied by his brother on the guitar and Karlos Arancegui at the drum kit. In November 2005, Iv├ín thought up a project called Laboratorio ├[], consisting of collecting some Spanish and Argentinian musicians in a house at Buenos Aires, in order to write new songs among friends. Some of these musicians were Juan Aguirre and Eva Amaral (Amaral), Xoel L├│pez (singer of Deluxe) or Quique Gonz├ílez. In October 2006, he released Las siete y media, a mini-album with 8 songs (7 and a half, as in Iv├ín words) written during the Tournedo tour. In 2008, he released a new album Mentiroso Mentiroso.