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La Casa Azul is a Spanish indie pop band that combines many of the qualities of 1960s American pop bands like the Beach Boys and 1970s European disco-pop acts like ABBA with clean, clear production reminiscent of Shibuya-kei. This distinctive sound was created by producer Guille Milkyway, who also writes the band's songs. La Casa Azul release their records on the indie-pop label Elefant. The band officially consists of five members (David, Virginia, Oscar, Clara and Sergio) who appear in the band's distinctive, retro music videos, though notably do not perform live; instead, Milkyway sings and plays the songs solo at concerts. This, along with inconsistencies between instruments featured in the videos and those audible on the songs, has led many to believe that Milkyway is in fact the sole performer on the records and uses the band "members" (who do not give interviews and whose last names have never been disclosed) in order to project an image. In 2007 when the video of their newest single La revoluci├│n sexual was released, it was announced that the five members (sometimes called androids) were going to be relegated to some dancing sequences while Milkyway took lead of the band.