Bomb O Matic With Shxcxchcxsh and Dave Tarrida

Ampere, Antwerpen.

Bomb O Matic is back on Friday April 3rd! First bombs will be dropped on our new home base in Antwerp, Ampere. Get ready for an unstoppable night filled with jackin' raw techno.

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Shxchxchxsh has became synonymous to haunting and abstract experimental techno. With the intricate balance between light and dark as well as the realms of drone, noise and techno their productions must be described as versatile and broad.

Dave Tarrida live
// Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) // Sativae - Drought Records Edinburgh Producer born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founding member of Sativa club in his own town. Co-runs Sativae Recordings with Steve Glencross.

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