Cuba Cuba: Vive Le Rock

Kommunity, Newcastle Upon Type.

Kommunity (former Cuba Cuba nightclub!), Market Street, Newcastle

Friday 21st September

10pm - 2am


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Vive Le Rock!
Were you too young for Mayfair?
A little too old for Krash?
You probably spent your weekends rocking out at CUBA CUBA like me.
Ah yes, Cuba Cuba, the best rock night in town after the sad demise of the Mayfair. Sticky floors, Red Pig, 69p Carlsberg and the best in Alternative and Nu-Metal with the legendary Little Jeff. Don’t you miss those days? Dressing up and hanging out with friends for life? I know I do. That’s why we’re bringing it back.
I’m Pete. Lollipop Pete to those who remember me. I used to bounce around Cuba with a handful of drinks handing out lollies and making a nuisance of myself. And for a while I was lucky enough to DJ at Cuba Cuba, opening for Jeff from 9 til 10, when only the most hardcore punters were in. I’m very grateful to Jeff for giving me a shot, kickstarting my brief DJing career.
Bringing It Back
There are a lot of excellent rock nights going on in Newcastle these days, these are good times. But I believe there’s a genuine gap in the market for this one. I want it to be a great reunion for everyone who remembers those crazy nights and a welcome slice of nostalgia for everyone else. It’ll be at the original Market Street venue too, which is now called Kommunity. Unfortunately, we won’t be selling Pig-In drinks. I did check
I’ll be honouring Little Jeff as closely as possible with the playlist, concentrating mainly on the late 90’s and very early 00’s, without too much Classic Rock (see Mini Mayfair if that’s your thing) or Emo (see K Throwback). Cuba Cuba fits nicely between both eras don’t you think?
So if you wanna get Down With The Sickness and Let The Bodies Hit The Floor, tell all your old-school friends, share this page and watch this space...