Electric Brixton, London.

14+ only. 14s to 15s must be accompanied by an adult. No refunds will be given for incorrectly booked tickets.

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STANDING £16.80 (£15.00) Transaction fee applicable * Contact venue for tickets

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My grandmother's name was Jeannine Rose Pambrun. She died in 2000 just after my parents split up. I did not know her very well at all, but I think we got on well.

I spent my childhood listening to my mother talking about Jeannine's adventures, but it was not until I was 26 that I thought of recording those stories.In January 2018, Stwo, Superpoze, VM The Don, Mohave, Pierrick Devin and I went to Rome to shut ourselves away in an apartment for three weeks and work as a group. When we came back to France, we had around twenty demos. I only kept a third of them.

The track 'Tout lâcher' (Let It All Go) was begun on the first day and finished on the second. Because it was so spontaneous, I released it shortly after... During the tour that followed, I was trying to find a way of telling audiences how much I enjoyed it when they let themselves go. One day at a concert, I shouted, "C'est beau la folie !" ("Craziness is great !" ) The phrase became the connecting thread of the album.This album took nine months to make. The rectangle on the sleeve is taken from an old photo of my grandmother. In that picture taken in the 60's, she was posing in front of her sister's house in Gagny.

'Trop beau' (Too Beautiful) and 'Plus de larmes' (No More Tears) were recorded on other instrumentals and then reworked by Vladimir Cauchemar using a cappella material. Katerine wrote his chorus on a drawing done by his niece when he was on vacation in Brittany. The picture showed five fingers ('Cinq Doigts'). 'Le vrai moi' (The Real Me) is a keyboards and vocals song that I absolutely wanted to do after FLIP's acoustic covers. In the second verse of Dave Grohl, I talk about a girl I met last July. We only kissed that one night because she already had somebody in her life. Maybe we could have had something special or maybe I was getting ahead of myself, I'll never know the answer to that question... The lyrics in the chorus of '1000°C' changed totally three times before they were finalized. I produced 'Dans le livret' (In the Booklet) myself in 2015 at the 75e Session studio. It took three years, a little filter and most of all Pierrick's guitar to make it listenable.

Hah ! I'm writing this on October 8, 2018. It's 5.47 pm and for the 43rd day running, Pierrick and I are shut away in his little studio apartment in Paris. We've had some intensely stressful times but I think we know each other well now, and we've managed to meet the deadline. I want to thank him, the album is his too.Thank you for accepting me as I am and trusting me, thank my little family and close friends who include my management, the people who make my videos and the guys who go on tour with me.I hope this dream will carry on a while longer.

It's great, yes, it's great.