Newsam Park Festival

Temple Newsam, Leeds.

Newsam Park Festival

Solamente podrán acceder los mayores de 18 años - No se harán reembolsos para menores de 18 años

General Admission

Tipo de entrada Coste (valor nominal)? Cantidad
EARLY BIRD £44,00 (£40,00) Entradas no disponibles
1ST RELEASE £49,50 (£45,00) Entradas no disponibles
2ND RELEASE £55,00 (£50,00) Agotado
3RD RELEASE £60,50 (£55,00) Agotado
4TH RELEASE £66,00 (£60,00) Agotado
5TH RELEASE £71,50 (£65,00) Agotado
6TH RELEASE £77,00 (£70,00)
FINAL RELEASE £82,50 (£75,00) No disponible
6TH RELEASE: BUY 4 GET 1 FREE £77,00 (£70,00)


Tipo de entrada Coste (valor nominal)? Cantidad
VIP - EARLY BIRD £82,50 (£75,00) Agotado
VIP - 1ST RELEASE £104,50 (£95,00)
VIP - FINAL RELEASE £137,50 (£125,00) No disponible

* Los gastos de manipulación y entrega pueden aplicarse a tu pedido

Más información sobre las entradas para Newsam Park Festival

Dear glorious friends and supporters and anyone else seeking hope and happiness and an incredible sound system in these murky times.
One day and night now. Two stages. The experience, the unbeatable production we always deliver. And most importantly the serious artists big and small who will be performing for you in one of the finest locations on Gods earth.

We have had plenty of time to miss you all and create something so special that you are going to sizzle with anticipation. We have constructed the line-ups you see below with such care. The right artists to bring us back together and blast us forward. One of our classiest cocktails awaits you.

This is a mission possible and ladies and gentlemen it is going to happen on the 10th July 2021. No question.

However. We cannot be sure how many cobwebs will still be blowing around from this endless Covid19 virus.
We see the light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines and other scientific breakthroughs but we cannot second guess the final capacity that will be authorised.
Because of this uncertainty we have taken every precaution including acquiring the most efficient rapid Coronavirus test kits available for use on the day if necessary. This is why Newsam Park 2021
has been sanctioned by all relevant authorities and will happen.
Although we fervently hope the worst might be over we still had to put these measures in place and so must stress we will be selling tickets on a first come first serve basis at this stage. It is not about early birds - it is simply about being there.
Nothing is usual anymore. If you want to join us in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside and let rip. Please do act fast.
To repeat, the only way we can do this is first come first serve.

Tickets are now on sale at

If you have already bought a ticket for the Saturday or Sunday ticket for next year already it will still be valid, if you have bought a weekend ticket we will refund half of the ticket cost.

We will be dancing together again on the 10th July. Make sure you join us. It has been too long.