Paddy Goes To Holyhead + Guests

New Cross Inn, London.

Paddy Goes To Holyhead + Guests

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New Cross Inn are rather chuffed to bag the shamrock'n'rolling Paddy Goes To Holyhead for some musical shenanigans.

Doors 6pm
£10 ADV / £13 OTD

Paddy Goes To Holyhead

It all began in December 1984 when a bunch of friends about to celebrate their birthdays decided they would have a party. There was a suggestion of having a disco; no I cried out, you've got to have a live band. Where do we get one at such short notice they said," I'll get one", I said. I rang around all my musician friends and within a couple of days we had a band. Now we had the band, what about a name?

Support acts to be determined