Sex Pistols Experience

Robin 2, Wolverhampton.

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14+ only. 14s to 17s must be accompanied by an adult. No refunds will be given for incorrectly booked tickets.

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Way back in 2001 'The Sex Pistols Experience' decided the tribute band scene could be changed. The days of false wigs, poor musicianship, & comedic efforts were no longer acceptable. After some lengthy auditions & many cold winter months rehearsing, the band burst onto the scene like 'Rebels with a Cause'. They looked the part & nothing was false. The band sounded the part, exactly like the real deal -in fact many would later say '"better than them". The gigs were hot, sweaty & crazy, just as a proper Punk show should be, a long way from the tame lightweight tribute shows of old. They were loud, chaotic, & controversial, but made it into many music press & publications for all the right reasons. There was no desire to ever settle for 2nd best, & nobody will ever match the band for the achievements they later reached. They changed the way tribute shows should be presented Worldwide, & set the hight barrier that others try & consistently fail to reach.

"A lot of fun - the cheeky Buggers!" Glen Matlcok

Since they paved the way there have been many Sex Pistols tribute acts, but there is only one real 'Experience'. You can spot the pale imitations a mile off, a laughing stock, & the true Pistols fans are not daft enough to bother with any others trying to copy the Sex Pistols Experience. Over the year's the 'Experience' gained so much respect from the fans around the World that they built up their own legion of dedicated followers throughout England, Europe & America.. Rather seeing the 'Experience' live than the filthy-lucre-grabbing, fat-fifty-something, pale shadow of their former selves. With the explosive energy of the heady days of the 1977 period blended & backed with the look & ability of the seasoned musicians of the later reformed Sex pistols tours. They recreate the same electric atmosphere & awesome wall of sound, paying an unrivalled tribute to one of the most influential bands of all time. Always giving the impression that anything could happen, & always leaving the crowds shouting for “More – more.!”

'Johnny Rotter' takes to the stage with all the manic, man-possessed energy required to leave any audience spell-bound, with 'stare' & 'stance' down to perfection and an arsenal of one-liners to boot. Johnny Rotter is Rotten to the core.!
Kid Vicious poses & plays to the crowds. Whether it's on film or T.v, on or off stage, he defiantly does it 'his way', but unlike Sid the 'Kid' can play, and don't get too close or that bass guitar might come swinging your way.!

Steve Clones in his tight leather Jeans, low-slung trade-mark Gibson, & an eye for the girls, knows how to turn it up & turn it on, as Steve Diggle of the Buzzcocks said - " A crashing guitar sound Steve Jones should be proud of.!"

Paul Crook drives the whole thing along relentlessly with the powerhouse behind a solid, pounding, drum kit. Always late, but never missing a beat.! Sat proudly behind his Premier Union Jack drum kit flying the flag for the Sex Pistols Experience.

Their live show has to be seen to be believed, many hours of hard rehearsing have paid-off to get the look & sound so spot-on. When they were invited as special guests onto Sex Pistol guitarist Steve Jones' radio show 'Jonesys Jukebox' being interviewed & performing live on-air some classic Pistols tunes together to millions of listeners. "My God.! They Really are the Sex pistols!!" said Steve.!
Appealing to young & old(ER) alike, even the most ardent of Pistols fan, reluctant to see their hero's being portrayed, can usually be seen, 2 or 3 songs in, pogo'ing and bouncing around at the front, re-living their youth & wishing they were 20yrs younger!!
So if you missed out on seeing the 'real deal' back in the day, there is no alternative, accept no false fakes, this is your chance to say " I swear I was there..!" Come along and witness what is now regarded as one of the World's leading tribute bands whilst you still can, before they burn-out as they surely will, perhaps after their next U.S.A tour!!??

It may not be the 'real deal', but it is without doubt the real 'double act', we all remember the songs, just one classic after another, Holidays in the Sun, Pretty Vacant, Bodies, Anarchy in the U.K, and of course the banned No1 single 'God Save The Queen'. All delivered as it should be, raw, loud & proud, powerful & dynamic, with the main focus being on having FUN...! Never trust a Hippy, the Swindle really does continue! "Who killed Bambi..??" asked good friend & regular support act Ed' Tenpole Tudor "We did" - The Sex Pistols Experience!

After playing hundreds of live shows since their formation in 2001, covering the length & breadth of England, winning over some of the toughest of critical audiences, and building on the foundations of a solid fan base at every gig. The groups reputation soon spread overseas, with them playing many festivals & dates all across Europe covering some 17 countries so far, taking it in their stride playing in front of an estimated 20,000+ people at one recent Slovakian festival. During 2006 the Sex Pistols Experience spent three & a half month's touring extensively around the U.S.A - from East to west - New York to L.A, & North to south from Seattle to El Paso' & back again! Proving, beyond doubt they really are, not just the U.K's, but the World's No1 Sex Pistols tribute troupe!