The Most Offensive Bootcamp You'll Ever Go To

Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, London.

Ticket type Cost (face value)? Quantity
ON SKATES £21.30 (£20.00)
OFF-SKATES £11.00 (£10.00)
ON SKATES BOOTCAMP + BOUT £31.60 (£30.00)
OFF-SKATES BOOTCAMP + BOUT £23.36 (£22.00)

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Great offence is a two way street. Both Blocker & Jammer have their part to play in creating those GIF worthy lead calls and scoring passes. 

In this London Brawling two hour master class, Beth Lord and Delta Strike will lead Jammers & Blockers through the core components of a killer jammer/offence duo. 
Jammers! You will learn how to facilitate your offence and tricks & tips for making the most of the opportunities your offence gives you. 
Blockers! You will learn techniques on to move opponents regards of size, how to read gameplay and positioning for optimum success and what Brawling’s offence acroymn F.A.P.P really means… 
Onskates and offskates Bootcamp only tickets and Bootcamp & Game bundles will be available. Spaces are limited so don’t miss out.