Tom Middleton Global Communication/GCOM Live AV Tickets

Rich Mix, London.


18+ alleen. 16en tot 18en dienen te worden begeleid door een volwassene. Niet-correct geboekte tickets worden niet terugbetaald.

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GENERAL ADMISSION £19,80 (£18,00)

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Tom Middleton presents Global Communication/GCOM [Live AV]

Electronic Ambient Music pioneer and co-founder of Global Communication and Jedi Knights alongside Mark Pritchard, and then solo as Cosmos.GCOM (Galactic Communication) is the latest solo incarnation and evolution of the Global Communication project. His recent magnum opus, a neo-classical x experimental electronic album entitled “E2:XO” (!K7 records) imagines the interstellar journey to habitable exoplanet worlds whilst reminding us to be better planetary stewards here on Earth.Tonight will be an AV journey celebrating highlights from the Global Communication/GCOM catalogue and showcasing the mind melting new material.Tom has toured the world over 3 decades and performed to millions quietly observing the therapeutic benefits of sound. Leveraging neuroscience and testing content in his White Mirror Studio and Lisbon Lab he now helps millions sleep better with music for apps like Calm, a masterclass for Sleep Cycle, anxiety reducing Spatial Audio for Apple Music, breathwork for Breathonics and pain mitigation for Moonai.He discovered and recognised the unique talents of The Aphex Twin, Matthew Herbert, Beardyman, Ulrich Schnauss and Jon Hopkins at the dawn of their careers and helped bring them wider attention via collaborations, record releases, remixes, radio, Djing and personal recommendations to promoters.Tom believes the power of sound and music made with empathy, inspired by nature and backed by science can lead to less suffering and a healthier, happier life.

Marconi Union [Live AV Transmission]

Marconi Union return to Rich Mix to show why they are, and why they are not, an ambient artist - and why they continue to elude classification. Expect some surprises and something new, including unreleased music and an additional member.

“I’m not even sure what ambient music is anymore, I’m not too sure whether I ever knew what ambient music stood for” (Jamie Crossley)

Founder members Richard Talbot (electronics, effects) and Jamie Crossley (guitar, keyboards, synths, programming) with Duncan Meadows (keyboards, synths) who joined in 2012, have steadily developed and refined a unique musical identity, evoking emotions from gracefully blending elements of dub, jazz, ambience and electronica within their richly melodic compositions.

Marconi Union frequently draw comparisons to artists such as Brian Eno, Biosphere and Boards of Canada, while at the same time moulding these influences into their own distinct sound.

To date Marconi Union have released 12 critically acclaimed albums and worked with many artists including Jah Wobble, Max Richter, Biosphere, Steve Jansen (Japan) and Marina Ambramovich Institute. The group have previously played at a variety of festivals and events, notably Big Chill festival and Punkt! Festival in Norway, the latter at the invitation of Brian Eno.

Marconi Union are probably best known internationally for ‘Weightless’, which was developed using scientific theory and esoteric elements to make what has been claimed by academics and others to be ‘the most relaxing piece of music ever made’.

Along with more abstract elements, the films that accompany their infrequent live performances reflect what they observe in and around the hinterland of Northern Manchester and at the same time echo themes found in, and around many big Cities. This brings a synergy to their Live AV set which results in a swirling mixture of melodies, hypnotism, and emotion giving the audience a richly atmospheric experience.

“Minimal, introspective, ethereal electronica – gorgeous – The Guardian.

“Exquisite, subtle soundscapes, an essential purchase for ambient addicts” – DJ Mag

“Amongst today’s most talented musicians” - The Sunday Times.