351COMEDY CLUB presents Andre De Freitas - Billets

Ferroviário, Lisboa.

?? Ferroviário, Lisbon
? July 29th , 20:30
??Online tickets only

With Andre de Freitas & other artists!
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?? Ferroviário, Lisbon
? July 29th , 20:30
??Online tickets only


Have you been stuck at home for a 1 year? YES
Do you miss laughing? Of course!

Come and strain your laugh muscles. Turn that frown upside down.. Join us for an memorable night of laughter on the riverside with a mix of amazing international and local talent!

Due to our compliance with restrictions (like socially distanced seating) we have limited capacity. So, get your tickets NOW!

Come laugh and learn all about the different cultures these comedians represent in a night of non-stop laughter!



• A show filled with hilarity and surprises finishing with a headline set by André De Freitas.

• First section of the show will be an open mic showcasing the next generation of international talent in Lisbon!

Don't hesitate and join us for a memorable show!


Show must go on! #351COMEDYCLUB