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Ananda Festival of Bliss is a festival for those who believe in and work towards making the world a better place.
It’s an adventure through art and nature, a dive for activists and dreamers, young people and families, lovers of ecology and warriors of light.

It is also an opportunity to experience one’s creativity and be in touch with a healthier lifestyle, to discover new opportunities for social and ecological activism, to dance or simply relax in the midst of nature. Everyone is welcome to share their passions and get in touch with other people with common interests, in an atmosphere that contributes to the materialization of our dreams.

The program is action-packed with live music and concerts, dance, art and ecology workshops, delicious vegan / vegetarian food, yoga and meditation moments. Ananda Festival of Bliss is different from other summer festivals in the sense of appealing to a no drugs and alcohol policy. As so, it is also suitable for families with children, offering a “Children’s Area” with different leisure and educational activities performed throughout the day.

Come and take a dive in the crystal-clear waters of Paúl’s river, which flows from the mountains of Serra da Estrela Nature Reserve, in a valley rich in biodiversity, sandy beaches and magical swings over water. At night, get ready to observe Ananda Kalyani under a new light, with thousands of stars and the unforgettable full moon of July hovering above.

Ananda Valley
Sitio do Carvalhal 1
6230-901 Relvas – Ourondo

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