News & Features 08 Jun, 2021

Monopoly Lifesized and See Tickets Bring the Board Game to Life

Monopoly Lifesized and See Tickets Bring the Board Game to Life

Monopoly Lifesized and See Tickets Bring the Board Game to Life    

See Tickets is official ticketing partner to brand new immersive event experience Monopoly Lifesized. Created by Hasbro, Inc and Gamepath, the new London-based attraction will combine the best of the cherished board game with escape rooms and team challenges.

See Tickets has worked closely with the event team to create a branded, white label ticket site where customers select from multiple timeslot and date sessions. As part of the partnership, account management and marketing support will also be provided throughout the event’s run. 

Rob Wilmshurst, Global CEO at See Tickets said: “There’s currently nothing like Monopoly Lifesized anywhere in the world and so we’re very proud to have the opportunity to be involved in what we believe is going to be a hugely popular event.

“We have significantly increased our immersive event and attractions business over the last year and this is a very welcome addition to our client portfolio.”

David Hutchinson CEO of Gamepath said, “For us, Monopoly Lifesized represents a major entry into a growing and exciting marketplace. Audiences want to consume live performance differently, and what better way than to jump into a lifesized version of the world’s favourite board game?

 “After everything we’ve missed out on individually and collectively and given the decimation of our high streets and city centres, it’s really exciting to be launching this now – we hope that we’ll be able to contribute to the recovery of Central London, and bring people back together in our fabulous Capital with a major new attraction in a major new destination building

 “We are thrilled to be partnering with See Tickets on this launch, and to be creatively collaborating with them in order to give people the best experience this summer”

 Monopoly Lifesized will consist of a 75-minute gameplay segment on a 15 x 15m board including escape room challenges. Each board can host between eight and 24 people split into four teams and special junior sessions are bookable for families. Each property square will have a full-sized, location specific room behind it that players enter to participate in a challenge to ‘acquire’ that particular property. 

 Monopoly Lifesized opens in August and is located on Tottenham Court Road.