News & Features 12 Sep, 2017

Olympia Horse Show

Olympia Horse Show

Coming to West London between the 12th and 18th of December is the spectacular Olympia International Horse Show. Featuring some of the most talented and show-stopping acts from majestic horses to remarkable ponies and talented canines, the Olympia Horse Show has something to make everybody’s Christmases that bit more special. 

 However this year's show-stopping act has to be the Chilean Huasos and Cowboys, who took the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations by storm last year with their world-class performance. Bred for the rough and challenging terrains of the Chilean mountains, these horses are spectacular in strength and elegant in style as they work as a close team with their riders to put on a truly amazing performance every time. 

Truly embracing the Christmas spirit, every year Olympia prides itself on its fantastically festive events such as the wonderful Christmas Finale supported by The Hilton Olympia – the perfect way to commence the show by coming together to sing Olympia’s traditional Christmas carol with Father Christmas himself.

To celebrate Christmas in style this year and avoid missing out on some truly amazing events, buy your tickets for the Olympia Horse Show today.

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