News & Features 05 feb, 2018

See and PayPal Launch 'Split It With PayPal'

See and PayPal Launch 'Split It With PayPal'

See has become the first UK online business to offer its customers 'Split It With PayPal' functionality - which makes it easier to recoup ticket money when you have booked tickets for a group of friends or family. 

Split It WIth PayPal is simple and free to use - here’s how it works:

1.       Order your tickets

Choose and buy tickets at as usual for music, sport, theatre, festivals, comedy and more.

2.       Select ‘Split it with PayPal’

On the order confirmation page, press the ‘Split it with PayPal’ button.

3.       Login to PayPal

Type your username and password to access your account - you can create a PayPal account for free if you don't have one.

4.       Share with your family and friends

Simply enter their email address or mobile number and we’ll send them instructions to pay their share. 


More information on 'Split It With PayPal' can be found on our PayPal content page