News & Features 14 Feb, 2018

The Hunted Experience

The Hunted Experience

Following last week's finale of the hugely successful Channel 4 hit TV show Hunted, Fire Hazard Games and Endemol Shine UK have launched The Hunted Experience for members of the public to take part in their own fugitive experience.

This real-world, 90-minute game will allow ordinary members of the public to become fugitives and attempt to outwit a team of intelligence experts hot on their tail. Just like the TV show, participants of this new experience will compete against other fugitives, evade the hunters and find a hidden extraction point.

Played across an area of London, fugitive teams will need to find friendly contacts, move from A to B using an in-game crypto currency and figure out where the final extraction point is, all whilst evading a team of hunters watching their every move. Using some of the latest technology to track and monitor participants, the feeling of the State's watchful eye will be ever present.

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