News & Features 26 Mar, 2020

Thursday 26th March: The Latest Event & Concert Cancellations and Postponements

Thursday 26th March: The Latest Event & Concert Cancellations and Postponements

Unfortunately, due to the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, many events taking place in the near future are being cancelled, postponed or rescheduled. We will do our best to keep you updated as quickly as we can.

If you have a query regarding an event you are due to attend, and whether this is affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, please be aware that if an event has been cancelled, postponed or rescheduled then full details will be sent to you via email.

If you have not received an email from us yet, then as far as we know the event is still going ahead as planned. If you have seen an announcement on social media about your event, please allow time for this to be communicated to us.

Below is a list of the most recent cancellations and postponements. We will post daily updates on our website. Please note that some cancelled or postponed shows may not be listed below. All West End Theatre updates will be available here.

If in doubt, and you want to get in touch with our customer services team, please contact them online via our Live Chat and Contact Form or our Customer Support Centre. Please note we are unable to respond to queries on social media at this time.

Jamie Cullum
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 23 - 25 March
Rescheduled Date: 20 - 21 October

Brian Fallon & The Howling Weather
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 16 May
Rescheduled Date: 29 January 2021

Rat Boy
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 21 - 28 March
Rescheduled Date: 21 September - 1 October

Jordan Mackampa
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 29 April - 1 May
Rescheduled Date: 2 - 3 December

Download Festival
Status: Cancelled
Original Date: 12 - 14 June
Rescheduled Date: N/A

Mystery Jets
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 10 - 25 April
Rescheduled Date: 24 November - 1 December

Neighbourhood Weekender
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 23 - 24 May
Rescheduled Date: 5 - 6 September

King Charles
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 5 May
Rescheduled Date: 13 October

Frank Skinner
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 3 April - 10 May
Rescheduled Date: 20 August - 20 November

Dead Wax
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 1 May
Rescheduled Date: 19 September

Taste of Dublin
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 11 - 14 June
Rescheduled Date: 6 - 9 August

Kew Gardens
Status: Closed indefinitely
Original Date: Ongoing
Rescheduled Date: N/A

MCN Festival of Motocycling
Status: Postponed
Original Date: 16 - 17 May
Rescheduled Date: 19 - 20 September