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Peaches was a Swedish child duo that was active from 2000 to 2005. Peaches was formed when two girls met at an audition. T├Ñve Wanning (born March 23, 1992) was 8 years old when the duo started and Isabelle Erkendal (born June 23, 1989) was 11. Isabelle had a background in singing, having recorded a single previously. T├Ñve was a dancer, having placed 1st in a national competition. They managed to get a record company and found a producer and songwriters and worked with Johan Fjellstr├Âm from Empire Music Production". Their first single Rosa Helikopter (Pink Helicopter) was a success, achieving gold status in Sweden and platinum in Norway. They later released more singles but they weren't as successful. From 2005 on the duo has been on a break, and both girls have pursued their own careers. Erkendal ended up as one half of the duo West End Girls, a pop group which covers songs by the Pet Shop Boys, while Wanning is now a solo singer.