New Order At Heaton Park

Heaton Park, Manchester.

Please note: The following tickets have been listed for resale by customers who can no longer attend this event. These tickets will be despatched by the seller who originally listed them.
New Order At Heaton Park

New Order At Heaton Park - Resale tickets

These tickets have been listed for resale by customers who can no longer attend this event. Please ensure that you are aware of the specific terms, conditions and restrictions for this event before purchasing tickets.

Show information can be found below and on the primary ticket sales event page.

14+ only. 14s to 17s must be accompanied by an adult. No refunds will be given for incorrectly booked tickets.

Please note: a 10% resale fee will be added to this order.

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Original cost for 2 tickets
£108.90 (face value £99.00)

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Curfew for this event is 22.45

No under 14s are permitted to attend the Event. 14 year olds must be accompanied by a responsible guardian aged 18 or over (maximum of 4 under 18's per responsible guardian).
It is the responsibility of the supervisors of under 18's to determine whether the Event is suitable for that person to attend. The Promoter does not accept any liability or
responsibility in relation to the same.

The Promoter operates a Challenge 21 policy, so if You are lucky enough to look 21 or younger, please make sure that You bring an acceptable form of identification.
Accepted forms of I.D. are:
a. An in-date photographic driver's license or provisional licence;
b. A valid passport (not a photocopy). Out of date passports will NOT be accepted;
c. A Proof of Age Standards Scheme Card (showing the PASS hologram);
d. An in-date citizen card.

The Promoter reserves the right to conduct security searches and confiscate:
(a) any item which in the opinion of the Promoter may be used as a weapon, or is deemed by the Promoter to be dangerous or inappropriate or which may cause disruption to other persons at the Event; and (b) any of the following items which are not permitted at the Event as follows:
No Alcohol or liquids of any kind
No drugs or illegal substances including 'legal highs'
No knives or weapons
No aerosols, sprays or pressurised containers permitted
No Glass
No Umbrellas
No food
No perfumes or aftershaves
No dogs
No flares or fireworks
No bikes
No re-entry
No Selfie-Sticks
No tents or camping equipment - this is a no camping event

Disabled facilities are available. Please contact Us in advance of the Event at if You have any specific access requirements, otherwise it may not be possible to meet your needs.