Change to Booking Request Form

Thank you for contacting us regarding your booking.

Exchanges will only be considered if we are contacted prior to the show and no exchange will be actioned if we are contacted within 2 working days of the performance.

All exchanges will be requested with the theatre in question. If they agree to an exchange, in most cases you will be asked to book new tickets and then a refund issued on your original booking.

Please note, an exchange request is not a guarantee and may be refused.

We are currently experiencing high volumes of queries, so we urge you to double check that the details are filled in correctly as all queries are dealt with based on the performance date. Failure to input any part of the form correctly may delay our ability to respond to you and could result in the request for an exchange being refused.

Please note tickets will only be refunded if your performance has been cancelled.

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  • Below please detail which date you would like to exchange to and the reason for the exchange. Please include as much information as possible for the reason, for example if all tickets need to be exchanged.
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