Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, London

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  • "Two bombs in one day is a foul coincidence"
    "Don't forget the lightning strike"

    A normal day.

    A person stands in the market square watching the world go by.

    What happens next verges on the ridiculous.

    There's ice cream. Sunshine. Shops. Some dogs. A wedding. Bombs. Candles. Blood. Lightning. Sandwiches. Snipers. Looting. Gunshots. Babies. Actors. Azaleas. Famine. Fountains. Statues. Atrocities.

    And tanks. (Probably).

    Starring Siobhán McSweeney (Derry Girls), Sophia Di Martino (Flowers), Francesca Mills (Harlots), Paul G Raymond (Black Mirror, Kiri), Abraham Popoola (Boudica (Globe)).

    Written by Rory Mullarky who returns to the Royal Court following his debut with The Wolf from the Door in 2014. In the same year, he was awarded the George Devine Award, the Pinter Commission, and the James Tait Black Prize for Drama. Director Sam Pritchard's previous work for the Royal Court includes Grimly Handsome and B.

  • PITY
    Booking Period: 12 July - 11 August 2018
    Running Time: To be confirmed
    Age Recommendation: 14+