Rosenbaum's Rescue

Park Theatre, London

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  • Booking Period: 9 January - 9 February 2019

    Age Recommendation: 14+

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    • Captioned - Wednesday 6 February 2019 at 19.30 Essential companion goes free*

    Park Theatre and Breaking Productions present the World Premiere of

    Rosenbaum's Rescue

    By A. Bodin Saphir
    Directed by Kate Fahy
    Production supported by Park Theatre's Producers' Circle

    Can the truth ever set you free?

    October, 1943. Seven and a half thousand Jews flee Denmark in fishermen's boats, crossing the water to Sweden and to safety from the occupying Nazi regime. To some, a miracle rescue of biblical proportions. To others, the question remains: how did thousands of Jews slip through the grasp of the most powerful war machine ever assembled?

    Hanukkah, 2001. At a remote home on the snowy Danish coast, it's time for two old friends to bury the hatchet. Lars and Abraham have not seen eye to eye for decades, but old tensions refuse to thaw as Lars' relentless pursuit of the truth concerning the flight of Danish Jews during WWII challenges Abraham's faith, patience and memories. And when an old secret surfaces and threatens the very foundation of their relationship, fact starts to blur with fiction.

    Moving and funny, this sharp and intriguing new play unravels the stories of two childhood friends and one of history's most compelling mysteries.