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Atlantean Symphonic Power Metal

“Rise and kindle your Light, clean as morning dew!
Guiding Star is so bright – it’s there for you!
 I shall never kneel to those who seek demise,
Cannot take a height without a fight!”
- Imperial Age, Call of the Towers

We all have our own Great Doing - something that makes us wake up with joy and go to bed feeling that the day was not in vain. For those who have found Their Way, life becomes a thrilling adventure filled with revelation and discovery.

The music of Imperial Age, inspired by Ancient Atlantean Lore, raises you out of the swamp of mundane routine into the light of your Guiding Star, illuminating the Path in front of you. Undiscovered Mysteries glimmer seductively on the horizon… There is so much more to the Universe, so much more you can learn and do…

Do you wish to set foot on The Path?..

IMPERIAL AGE is an international Symphonic Power Metal band that originated in Moscow, Russia, but today is based in Antalya, Turkey and has a multi-national line-up. When the war in Ukraine started, they were the first Russian metal band to protest publicly, after which founders Alexander Osipov and Jane Odintsova left the country and supported Ukrainian citizens in need with percentages from their merch sales.

Despite several record deal offers, IMPERIAL AGE has chosen to stay independent so far, cherishing a deep connection with their global army of fans, selling thousands of records worldwide and touring extensively in Europe and Britain.

Their music stands out from others and appeals to a broad audience due to the wide diversity of voices and instruments used: pure, true Heavy/Power Metal with three lead singers (one male and two female) each using different styles of vocals (rock, operatic etc.), full orchestrations and academic choirs on top. The songs are about advanced ancient civilizations, esotericism, individualism, the fight for Freedom and self-empowerment. The easily memorable melodies are uplifting, solemn and energizing, but, as many fans say, there is “something more – something that makes IMPERIAL AGE special”.