Loxwood Joust Tickets and Dates

The Loxwood Meadow, Loxwood, West Sussex RH14 0AL


7th / 8th / 14th & 15th August 2021

Now in its 10th YEAR

LOXWOOD JOUST The Most SPECTACULAR Medieval Festival in the Realm

The hazy sun lays shadows lithe and long across a midsummer meadow. People gather to wait and watch, idly feasting on roasted hog and ale. Suddenly, the laughter and chatter is silenced by the thunder of hooves and the furious snorting of horses. The air is pierced by the screech of battle cry and the clashing of sword upon sword?This, good sirs, is the Loxwood Joust The Loxwood Joust is the most spectacular medieval festival in the UK. This daily extravaganza features full-contact jousting, along with other daring displays of weaponry, archery and cannon fire as armoured knights prepare to meet in thunderous battle.

See history come alive and discover a world long lost to the mists of time. Wander the Living History Village, situated in the Medieval Meadow, where inhabitants live and work exactly as they would have in the middle ages. Peruse their traditional wares in the Medieval Marketplace, where traders and hawkers vie for your attention and wandering minstrels, dance troupes, and a court jester entertain the crowds throughout the day.

The younger ones among us have their very own land, the CHILDREN'S KINGDOM - a festival within a festival. Here, the currency is the medieval groat, which kids can use to try Have-a-Go Archery, Face and Wound Painting, Pelt The Peasant, Knight school and The Bouncy Castle.


Adult: £14 / Child (4-14): £8 / Under 4: Free

Sorry, there are no shows for Loxwood Joust right now.

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