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An immense plant body tints the different landscapes. The forest, the cathedral par excellence of this plant body, is a place of challenge, courage, tenacity, intelligence and maturity. The first steps of the young adults who return from the forest with their symbolic trophies, or, simply, with their experience enriched by a moment of revelation and mystery; The love encounter in the forest, the stimulating walk or the scattering of the ashes of a loved one on the land protected by the shade of a tree, are hypotheses of experiences recognizable by each person. The Steps in the Forest are also those that we continue to take when we get involved in some subject, when we cogit, anguish or rejoice. When we breathe, the lung tree balances the gas exchange necessary for survival. Even far from the trees, they inhabit us and have names, just as each of us has a name, and has a family tree. On the other hand, in the geometry of a tree, there is sometimes the possibility of making the decision, starting from the root, looking at the crown and the horizon that is outlined. Trees and people thus establish this close, almost perfect complicity. Wood is always alive, even on the fire, when it warms us, crackles and speaks.


Text Carlos J. Pessoa
Directed by Carlos J. Pessoa
Staging Assistance Mariana Índias
Scenography Herlandson Duarte
Light Design and Operation Luís Bombico
Sound and Video Operation Jorge Oliveira
Costumes Herlandson Duarte
Cast Carolina Cunha e Costa, Gonçalo Cabral, Nídia Cardoso, Rafaela Jacinto e Siobhan Fernandes
Photography Vitorino Coragem
Communication José Grilo
Design Sara Kurash
Production Director Raquel Matos
Executive Production Rita Soares

Production Teatro da Garagem
Support Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, EGEAC, Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria Maior
Financing Direção Geral das Artes, Governo de Portugal | Ministério da Cultura

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90 min
+351 218854190 | +351 924213570