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Who are Stereophonics?

Stereophonics are a Welsh rock band consisting of lead guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Kelly Jones, Richard Jones (backing vocals, harmonica, and bass guitar), rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Adam Zindani, and drummer and percussionist Jamie Morrison. Touring member Tony Kirkham also joins the band on keyboards. Stereophonics have released 11 albums , seven of which reached number one in the UK.

In Stereophonics' discography you can find;

  • Word Gets Around (1997)
  • Performance and Cocktails (1999)
  • Just Enough Education to Perform (2001)
  • You Gotta Go There to Come Back (2003)
  • Language. Sex. Violence. Other? (2005)
  • Pull the Pin (2007)
  • Keep Calm and Carry On (2009)
  • Graffiti on the Train (2013)
  • Keep the Village Alive (2015)
  • Scream Above the Sounds (2017)
  • Kind (2019)
  • Oochya! (2022)

What's their background?

Stereophonics released their debut album 'Word Gets Around' in 1997. The five singles from the album included "Looks Like Chaplin", "Local Boy in the Photograph", "More Life in a Tramp's Vest", "A Thousand Trees", and "Traffic".

The following year, Stereophonics won a BRIT award for Best New Group. "Local Boy In the Photograph" was also re-released, this time securing itself number 14 in the UK Singles Chart.

The second studio album by Sterophonics was titled 'Performance and Cocktails'. The first single from the album 'Bartender and the Thief' reached number 3 in the UK Charts. Singles from the album included 'Just Looking' and Pick a Part That's New'.

Stereophonics reached mainstream success with their third album 'Just Enough Education to Perform' which topped the UK Albums Chart and sold over 140,000 copies. The album additionally included three top 10 singles. 'Have A Nice Day', 'Handbags and Gladrags', and 'Mr Writer'.

Stereophonics' fourth album 'You Gotta Go There to Come Back' became their third consecutive album to top the UK charts achieving more than 100,000 copies sold in it's first week of release. The album featured 13 tracks including the singles 'Madame Helga', 'Maybe Tomorrow', 'Since I Told You It's Over', and 'Moviestar'.

After the release of You Gotta Go There to Come Back, Stuart Cable, the drummer for the band, was sacked due to a lack of commitment. Steve Gordon, the drummer for The Black Crowes stood in at Stereophoncs' live shows until Javier Weyler joined the band.

March 2005 saw the release of Stereophonics fifth studio album 'Language. Sex. Violence. Other?' The album contained the band's first number one hit in the UK Singles Charts, 'Dakota'.

This was also the first album the band had released with new drummer Javier Weyler.

Stereophonics followed up with "Pull the Pin". This was the band's sixth studio album, and continued their trend of albums in the number one spot of the UK Charts. "Pull the Pin" featured 12 new tracks including the singles 'Bank Holiday Monday/It Means Nothing', 'My Friends', and 'Stone'.

Stereophonics' seventh album 'Keep Calm, and Carry On' was inspired by a poster that the band saw whilst in a pub they spent a lot of time whilst recording for the album. Singles from "Keep Calm, and Carry On" included 'Innocent' and 'Could You Be The One?'.

It was after this album that Javier Weyler and the band parted ways. Jamie Morrison, former drummer for the band 'The Noisettes' took his place.

The eighth album for Stereophonics was titled 'Graffiti On The Train'. They released 'In A Moment' as the first single released for the album, followed by 'Indian Summer', 'Graffiti On The Train', and 'We Share the Same Sun'.

Whilst performing in Bristol and London's Royal Albert Hall in 2015 Stereophonics performed 3 new songs ('C'est la vie', I Wanna Get Lost With You', and 'Song for the Summer' off their upcoming album 'Keep The Village Alive'. The songs were the first 3 singles from the album, the band later releasing 'White Lies' and 'Mr and Mrs Smith'.

Stereophonics' tenth album titled 'Scream Above the Sounds' was released in 2017. The lead single All In One Night' was inspired by German film 'Victoria' and was written when bassist Kelly Jones was staying in a hotel due to a delayed flight. Other singles from the album include 'Caught by the Wind', 'Before Anyone Knew Our Name', 'What's All the Fuss About?' and 'Taken a Tumble'.

The band's next album, titled 'OOCHYA!' contains 15 songs and will be released in 2022.

Stereophonics will be performing at the Cardiff Principality Stadium in December 2021 with Tom Jones and Catfish and the Bottlemen, and at venues across the UK in 2022 including AO Arena in Manchester, P&J Live in Aberdeen, and The O2 Arena in London..

What's the latest from Stereophonics?

Stereophonics are performing at the Cardiff Principality Stadium in December 2021 and going on tour next year in 2022 where they'll be playing at many venues around the UK.

Their newest album "OOCHYA!" is set to be released in March 2022

When is the next Stereophonics Tour?

Stereophonics are performing at the Cardiff Principality Stadium in December 2021 and going on tour next year in 2022 where they'll be playing at many venues around the UK.

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