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THE A-Z OF MRS P Booking Period 25 February - 29 March 2014. Running Time 150 minutes including interval. Book by Diane Samuels Music & Lyrics by Gwyneth Herbert A musical fable inspired by the autobiographies of Phyllis Pearsall For anyone who has ever searched to find their way, here is a re-telling of the myth and even more remarkable reality behind the handy, all-purpose, pocket-sized A-Z Street Guide of 23,000 streets (with house numbers). In 1936, Phyllis Pearsall left her husband in Venice and came to find her way in London. Then she received a telegram from her father, map publisher Alexander Gross. And here begins the story of how an eccentric Bohemian artist put down her paints and picked up the drawing board to follow in her beloved and impossible father's footsteps to map an entire city. Follow their different journeys as they intersect and diverge through the thoroughfares and alleyways of London, scaling new heights, seizing opportunities, to build an iconic business midst the tangled labyrinths of a troubled family saga. Both award-winners in their own right, singer/composer Gwyneth Herbert (The Sea Cabinet) and playwright/author Diane Samuels (Kindertransport) have joined forces to make their own journey exploring the trail left by Phyllis' footsteps to relate in words, music and song the moving story of how she embraced a city and faced her mentor and nemesis to find her own feet.