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Gary Platts

I am gonna be sleeping on any dry floor I can find but I am gonna be there and damn glad of it!

Posted on: 2014-05-18T01:12:57+0000
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Gary Platts

You are all pissing at 23 quid for a ticket for the gig of all time!!!!!!

Posted on: 2014-05-18T01:11:59+0000
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Dave Payne

i do love the army but they played in devizes recently and it wasnt as expensive

Posted on: 2014-02-17T20:26:29+0000
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Peter 'pinky' Wallis

23 quid? ? I believe in vengeance indeed! LOL

Posted on: 2013-11-11T22:07:33+0000
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Dawn Buckfast McRubbish Glasgow

tis a bit steep in these austere times pfffft, and how am I meant t o afford a hoody? bet they are dearer than gowd, blimey eck....

Posted on: 2013-10-30T00:56:54+0000
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Rik Mason

FUCKKKKK OFFFFFFFFF...... Twenty five pound and 31 pence? MY ARSE!

Posted on: 2013-10-12T16:46:40+0000
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Dawn M Rodgers

Anyone want to come see NMA in Nottingham in November at Rock City? :)

Posted on: 2013-07-15T20:35:26+0000
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Cwa Hairandbeauty


Posted on: 2013-05-25T22:56:17+0000
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