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Emma Laura Canning

Looking to buy tickets for Brand New Brooklyn Bowl??

Posted on: 2015-05-15T10:04:09+0000
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Amy Ilici

im looking to swap my brand new at mannc rncm on june1st ticekts with b'ham glee club or london bowl. swap-not sell- get in touch :)

Posted on: 2015-04-18T09:10:53+0000
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Brandon Smith

Said tickets weren't available the second it hit 9am and I was about to punch something. Luckily all is well.

Posted on: 2015-04-18T08:06:21+0000
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Steve Dykins

New tour dates, all is well again?

Posted on: 2015-04-17T11:10:11+0000
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Zach Weaver

I spoke to them directly and apparently they sold out whilst I was on the phone (just to make things that little bit worse...). I'm so angry and upset I think there's only 1 thing to do: listen to some Brand New...

Posted on: 2015-04-17T09:34:44+0000
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James Fisher

I never saw them on sale to begin with... I've been here since 8:30, too

Posted on: 2015-04-17T09:30:46+0000
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Brian Neil

RNCM also confirmed the concert has sold out.

Posted on: 2015-04-17T09:16:20+0000
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Scott Smith

Just called the Glee Club, after 40 minutes of waiting they told me its completely sold out.

Posted on: 2015-04-17T09:13:13+0000
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Kiri Rapunzal Babbo

two hours later... no tickets. I'm going to do some angry eating :( Then cry into an empty pringles tub

Posted on: 2015-04-17T09:09:05+0000
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Simon Mills

Just got two from the Glee Club website. Keep refreshing

Posted on: 2015-04-17T09:07:57+0000
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George Carlton

It's been a dark morning

Posted on: 2015-04-17T09:07:44+0000
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Lisa Marie Forsyth

Just called See Tickets - they confirmed it is sold out :( They said the best thing to do is keep checking back today incase any payments haven't been accepted and their tickets automatically become available.

Posted on: 2015-04-17T09:03:22+0000
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Sarah Clayton

For Birmingham try the Glee club website again- I just got some!

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:59:11+0000
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George Carlton

More dates!!!

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:55:16+0000
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James Fisher

What has actually happened? Are all tickets definitely gone?

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:54:35+0000
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Toni-Louise Chadwick

just got mine on ticket master!

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:54:28+0000
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Theodore Simpson

These tickets definitely went on sale (about 10 minutes ago) for those who are asking. Saved card details last night so I wouldn't have to put them in today and booked a couple. Reloaded the page and already sold out! Few other websites saying the same so definitely think that's it for now. Although the o2 site still says they are up at 12.

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:54:27+0000
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Amy Newman

Finally got through on the phones and they said all dates have gone now. Its fine, only been on hold 53 mins with 4 browsers open

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:54:21+0000
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Sally Hamilton

*throws laptop out of window*

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:53:56+0000
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George Andrews

so that's it then? they're just gone? there for 5 seconds then gone?

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:53:27+0000
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Tom Reffold

let's all kill ourselves to get back at them

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:52:47+0000
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Ross Morris


Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:47:00+0000
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Toni-Louise Chadwick

Got through, entered payment then BOOM….unavailable. This is bullshit.

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:46:29+0000
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Matt Gray

this is just ridiculous!!

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:45:54+0000
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Joseph Richards

So I wait 40 minutes, using a mobile and desktop computer...was also on hold for half an hour. Eventually, they go on sale. I enter my details, already pre-registered so it's done in seconds. My WPM and touch typing is also extremely fast. Yet, it was sold out by the time my payment went through. Seriously, what bull-crap sorcery is this? How could it sell out that fast? I was on and clicking buy in SECONDS

Posted on: 2015-04-17T08:45:09+0000
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